Suicide Squad sequel starts filming, features The Secret Six? Harley Quinn co-creator hopes for spinoff

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Suicide Squad sequel starts filming Harley Quinn The Joker spinoff
After harsh dethronement from box office, Suicide Squad sequel rumored to be created to take another plot with another super villains The Secret Six.

To survive the harsh dethronement from the box office, Suicide Squad sequel might be created with another interesting twist. The film reportedly considered adding another group of super villains to comprise for the new film.

In a previous report, Suicide Squad suffered from harsh rants and criticisms from fans and moviegoers in general. The result was caused from too much overhauling from the movie’s scenes wherein they took out most of Joker’s appearances from the movie.

One reason behind the editing was the director’s (David Ayer) choice of toning down the film rating. Consequently, the fans who were anticipating most of Joker’s impressive lines and appearances were devastated from the outcome.

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Now as the movie ended its number one streak in the Box Office, Suicide Squad sequel might be created and filmed soon. Speculations are made which detailed the reason behind the decision of creating the super villains’ sequel.

Comic Book thought that it might be the production’s plan to reprise the same characters in another angle. With that being said, they might include another group of villains called The Secret Six as part of the film’s sequel.

The same source noted about the new group as characters who are taken from Gail Simone’s comic book. It featured the past members of the Suicide Squad and mixed together with The Secret Six that comprises Deadshot, Catman, Bane, Ragdoll, Scandal (Vandal Savage’s daughter), and Silver Banshee.

Comic Book also highlighted that by having the villains fighting and competing against another group of villains would create another twist that certainly excites the fans. Albeit their competition, they share one goal which is to defeat the Justice League.

Another interesting thing that occurred lately which certainly will change Suicide Squad’s fate as a film is Harley Quinn co-creator Paul Dini’s high hopes for the character. Uproxx stated that Dini remained believed about Harley Quinn’s strength as a member of the Suicide Squad. Hence, creating a separate film for this character will be great.

In addition to what he said, Dini cited Harley Quinn’s future as a character wherein she’ll be featured in other films like The Joker. For him, exploring the two incredibly influential characters will make a good movie as well.

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If this happens, fans could see the story behind Harley Quinn and The Joker’s romance prior their turn down to the darker side as a Suicide Squad member and the story behind hating the Justice League.

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