Suicide Squad vs Justice League release in December; Superheroes & super villains join forces in DC Crossover

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Suicide Squad vs Justice League DC crossover in 2017
Suicide Squad vs Justice League DC comic crossover will arrive in December 2016 to January 2017 with six issues slated. Opposing forces join together?

Suicide Squad vs Justice League as a new DC crossover comic title certainly brings excitement among fans. DC revealed the reason behind this endeavor, which is to follow the success of DC’s “Rebirth” and “The New 52” re-launched issues.

Lately, DC Entertainment announced that there will be a new comic title slated for release in January 2017 with six issues of the main title. According to the writers and the illustrators, the first two issues are already scheduled for launching as early as December this year. The remaining four issues are planned for January.

Wall Street Journal reported that the publishers, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, wanted to continue the achievements made from Rebirth and The New 52 re-launch in May and September 2011 respectively. Although the first two titles had great sales, it decreased after a few months.

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Hence, the re-launch of the two comic titles was the option. After their re-launch, DC didn’t expect the results. Based from the total units sold in July this year, DC surpassed their previous launch and their rival Marvel Comic with 35.36 percent in retail market share and 40.96% in unit market share, Diamond Comics noted.

This initiative is common for DC comic titles like “Green Arrow,” which surpassed its sales from the first issue. So, they’re doing the same for the two titles.

“We were able to take a lot of the success we had in New 52 and then bring back some of the fans who might have felt a little disenfranchised from some of the choices that were made in the New 52 launch,” DiDio said.

Thus, having a new title would be a great step to increase DC comics’ sales again. And because Suicide Squad made a huge attention recently, they thought of having a crossover between the superheroes and the super villains.

This sounded odd, but the two leagues who are apparently hating each other will join forces to defeat a bigger force. In addition to that, The Flash writer Joshua Williamson stated that they might also add emphasis on one of the Suicide Squad’s members, Killer Frost.

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Furthermore, they noted that they’re making sure that every character of the two leagues will have their own spotlight in the comic books without forcing it.

Suicide Squad vs Justice League DC crossover is planned for release in December 2016 until January 2017.

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