Super Bowl 50: Breaking down Captain America Civil War movie trailer

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One of the best Super Bowl 50 trailers that was released was Marvel Entertainment’s Captain America: Civil War. This trailer became viral the moment it came out and fans of Marvel Movies got themselves a treat.

Lets break down the trailer to bits:

After Captain America 2: Winter Soldier, we see the full body armor of Winter Soldier aka Bucky in Captain America: The First Avenger


Tony Stark showing off his new armor upgrades with a part of his suit coming out from his watch to help him dodge a gun.


It is also speculated that there will be heroes that will die in the movie. One of which could be War Machine. For those who have read Civil War comics, you know for sure that someone will really die and it could be someone more ‘popular’. I’m pretty confident that Marvel would love to kill more heroes in this movie, since we are gearing up for the Infinity War, we can assume that they can always bring back the dead through the Time stone.


The Winter Soldier, from villain to hero or is it Captain America turning from hero to villain.


Now we see who is on Captain America’s side. Aside from Winter Soldier, you have there Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Ant-man and Falcon. If you look closer at Captain America’s sheild, you would see some claw marks. Also, noticeable was the change of the design of Ant-Man’s helmet.


Now on Iron Man’s side, you have the Vision, War Machine, Black Widow and Black Panther. If you will notice as well, Black Widow seemed to be hesitant to fight Captain America’s side. For comic readers, you know for sure that Black Widow plays both sides of the coin.

Also, we get a view of Black Panther. Finally, we can see the King of Wakanda in one of the Marvel movies. The costume did not disappoint comic book fans and it looks really cool.

Captain America: Civil War is the first movie for Marvel’s Phase 3. This will eventually lead to Infinity War part 1 and 2. The movie will open April 29 worldwide.




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