Super Bowl Superheroes: Team Cap vs Team Iron Man; Which side are you on?

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Super Bowl 50 Team Cap vs Team Iron Man, Which side are you on

2016 is the year of superheroes in Hollywood fighting against each other. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out in March while Captain America: Civil War comes out in May which will see Captain America (Team Cap) vs. Iron Man (Team Iron Man).

Marvel premiered its new 30-sec Captain America: Civil War trailer at the Super Bowl 50. The trailer featured chants of “united we stand” and “divided we fall” throughout its entire duration.

Super Bowl 50 sees the Denver Broncos take on Carolina panthers for the biggest prize in the National Football League (NFL).

In true Super Bowl flavor, let’s take a look at the Civil War between Cap and the Armored Avenger in terms of American Football:

Peyton Manning is surely Captain America of the NFL. With five NFL MVP awards to his name Manning is trying to lead his Team Cap for the Super Bowl 50 title.

Manning certainly have more experience going into the Super Bowl, a la Captain America, who is also a known effective, cool and composed leader, like the Broncos veteran QB.

That’s what experience brings on the fold. The 39-year QB old has seen a lot of football in his career, just like Captain America having old and protracted battles against the Red Skull in World War 2.

Cam Newton on the other hand mirrors Iron Man. Aggressive, arrogant and flamboyant.

The 26-year-old QB will have his team of ruthless macho men looking to win their first Super Bowl championship. Although Newton doesn’t have experience on his shoulders like Manning, he surely has that arrogance and youthful exuberance needed to guide his team against Team Cap.

The conclusion of the Super Bowl 50 is not far away. Hopefully, by the end of the massive event we will all get to know the War Machine, Vision, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Falcon and Winter Soldier of each team.

Photo courtesy: official movie poster/Disney/Marvel

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