Supergirl Season 2 moving from CBS to The CW due to budget cuts

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Supergirl Season 2 (Photo Courtesy: @supergirlcbs/Twitter)

Many fans are still waiting an update on Supergirl season 2 following a very entertaining first season. CBS is interested in bringing it back but the network is not satisfied with its ratings.

According to The Wrap, one Supergirl episode costs around $3 million to produce and it does not justify the ratings it gets. The show’s premiere back in October had a total of 13 million viewers but the season finale last April 18 only had around six million.

The report noted that CBS chief executive officer Leslie Moonves is in talks with Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth regarding the renewal of Supergirl. A deal has to be made in the next two weeks because CBS is set to announce its fall schedule in New York City.

It is mentioned that there is a solution to the problem: give Supergirl season 2 to The CW Network that airs other DC-based superhero series like The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

According to IGN, The CW is jointly owned by CBS and Warner Bros. so the possibility of a move is likely. Fans have already suggested it online for the last couple of months.

However, there could be some budget cuts on the production of the series due to The CW’s reputation. If a new deal is made, expect Supergirl season 2 to be filmed in Vancouver, Canada and not in Los Angeles.

“That move would be fraught for both producers and fans, as budget-conscious CW shows don’t tend to collect huge license fees for the studios. The upshot of a CW shift is that there would very likely be big budget cuts in the offing for ‘Supergirl,’” The Wrap noted.

The Flash already had a crossover episode with Supergirl this season titled “Worlds Finest.” It was considered a success by fans as the chemistry between Barry Allen (portrayed by Grant Gustin) and Kara Danvers (portrayed by Melissa Benoist) was off the charts.

Photo Courtesy: @supergirlcbs/Twitter

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