Supergirl Season 2 news: Superman comes in to ‘Supergirl’

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Melissa Benoist Supergirl
Melissa Benoist at the world premiere of “Band of Robbers” at the LA Film Festival in Los Angeles (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Mingle Media TV)

With “Supergirl” now going over to the CW, season 2 of the show looks to be even more promising. Many would want to see more crossovers for the show and “The Flash” as well as “Arrow.” One of the biggest announcements for “Supergirl” though is that Superman will be joining in soon.

“Supergirl” has been successful for CBS in its first season. For the second season though the show will be moving to the CW to be with other DC Comics-related shows such as “Arrow” and “The Flash.” The move has been considered by many to be good as there can be more possibilities of a crossover between the shows. All of the shows mentioned are also produced by Greg Berlanti.

What has many talking though is that Superman will appear in season two of “Supergirl.” According to IGN Superman will be appearing in the first two episodes of season two. There is still no one announced yet who will play as Superman though casting being made for the role.

Comic book readers know that Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is the cousin of Clark Kent. Many have been speculating whether Superman would make his appearance in the show, and now it has been confirmed that it would be happening. Production for “Supergirl” as well have been excited about the appearance of Superman for the series.

“Greg (Berlanti), Ali (Adler) and I are beyond thrilled to welcome Clark Kent and his slightly-more-famous alter ego to the world of ‘Supergirl,’,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, as The Hollywood Reporter says in its report. Though in season one a young Kal-El has been seen in flashbacks of Kara’s life, this would be the first time that he will be in the show as Superman.

Comicbook Movie notes that there is much fan support for Tom Welling to reprise his role as Superman/Clark Kent. Welling played the role in the series “Smallville” for 10 years. While there is much support for him there has been no comment from him about it nor is there anyone announced yet for the character.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Mingle Media TV

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