Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers: Cancellation hoax; Castiel in full power, Misha Collins confirms; Sam and Dean hunt new challenge

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Supernatural Season 12 spoilers
Actor Misha Collins revealed latest Supernatural Season 12 spoilers about Castiel’s transformation & power, while Sam & Dean on hunt for new challenge.

Amid cancellation rumors, the latest Supernatural Season 12 spoilers have debunked the hoax about the show’s real status. In fact, one of the lead characters Misha Collins, 42, who played the role of Castiel, an angel fallen in the hands of Lucifer, revealed a potential spoiler in an interview.

Many Supernatural fans have thought that this series has found its resting peace after its Season 11 finale in May. However, the networks The CW and The WB announced that they will give this show another life next month.

Slated to release in October, Supernatural Season 12 has a lot to offer to both American and international viewers. Among them was Castiel’s fate, whose life became under Lucifer’s control after losing almost all his powers in the previous season, is the most anticipated.

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During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 42-year-old actor cited that his character has developed into something bigger than expected. He noted that Castiel’s power has not shown its full power in years compared to what he has exposed in the upcoming season. That means this is one significant thing viewers should never miss.

Furthermore, Collins revealed that Castiel has already cleansed himself from any form of attachments from the effects of Lucifer’s stay in Season 11.

Moreover, Collins also stated that his role in Supernatural Season 12 presented himself as a bit of a jerk and short-tempered, especially when he paired with King of Hell Crowley. “Castiel and Crowley have kind of teamed up in season 12 and are working together,” he said. Their tandem expected another adventure, while searching for Lucifer, who’s still using Rick Springfield’s body to hide himself.

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The same source reported that the two partnered to quickly look for their enemy in the nearing new season premiere. Because of that, fans can anticipate a 70s or 80s-like sitcom in the American horror series, leaving the two brothers on the hunt for a bigger and bolder challenge in Supernatural Season 12.

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