Sylvester Stallone Dead: Evidence why ‘Rambo’ star can’t die just yet

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First it was the Jaden Smith dead rumors, then lately, it was the Sylvester Stallone suicide speculations. Both times the celebrities were reported to have committed suicide but the fake news and hoax were busted with recent public appearances of the two.

According to the latest fake reports, Stallone’s death is caused by overdose of prescription medications.

Snopes.com, which is popular for busting celebrity death rumors, has denied the Sylvester Stallone suicide rumors, after a Facebook page started the vile viral story like it did with the Jaden Smith dead hoax.

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This is the second time that Sylvester Stallone has been “dead” in the last four years. In 2013, some news outlets also reported that the “Rambo” star died in a car crash, but it was another attempt to get people to click and download some malicious files.

Some Twitter users fell to the hoax with many believing the Sylvester Stallone suicide rumors are true.

As late as May 2016, Stallone was included in ABC News’ “Sexy Silver Foxes Over 60”. He’s not only alive but he’s still also looking good and fit at the age of 70.

“The Hollywood legend still maintains his action-star physique and his place atop the A-list after writing and starring in three “Expendables” movies with his fellow aging action stars. He’s expected to begin filming the fourth movie in the franchise this fall,” the article stated.

“His year already got off to a great start after he won a Golden Globe and was nominated for his first Oscar in 40 years for reprising one of his best-known characters, Rocky Balboa, in “Creed.”

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As evidences to why Sylvester Stallone won’t die yet, his fans can go to YouTube and search all the “Rambo” scenes they can get. Stallone simply won’t die in these videos and no Sylvester Stallone suicide rumors will get to him or his deathbed.


Video courtesy: YouTube/RMG Productions

Photo courtesy: Jo Meel/Flickr

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