Tara Reid fake tears, fake boobs nearly exposed in wardrobe malfunction; Lies, meltdowns, may need help with alcoholism

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Photo courtesy: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr
Tara Reid fights with Jenny McCarthy on radio interview when asked about boob-job

Tara Reid has seems to be infusing so much drama in her life right now that she could probably start up a new reality show, or convert the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Season 5 into her own. At least that’s how things seem to be turning out: all about Tara Reid.

During the July 22 episode of the show on Friday, while couples were required to touch base with their past, hoping that doing such would enable the participants to have a better hold with the present and the future better, Tara Reid appeared intoxicated sharing her story.

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She struggled keeping up with the story, which was incoherent at best. Her audience looked dumbfounded as they listened to her talk about how she used to be a victim of bullying, and how kids would throw rocks at her. Really? Did this happen in the Middle Ages?

Tara Reid broke down and went on to share about how her dog died, which up until now nobody seems to understand.

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Program director Elizabeth Carroll says, “She was just feeding me BS,” Elizabeth sighed. “But if I push her, she’ll just close down.”

Were those fake tears? Participants wonder.

It seems that Tara Reid keeps coming up with all sorts of drama each week from ranting against participants, refusing to get involved in an activity with puppets, talking about the lack of sex with Dean May, coming in late and asking for tequila.

At times, the audience can’t seem to understand anymore what her problem actually is. During the episode she was seen drunk, blabbering about not wanting to hurt her children.

It’s getting disturbing.

His boyfriend Dean May thinks she has a drinking problem. She may need professional help. He said, “She drinks. She’s the worst on alcohol…She’s train wrecking.”

Are we going to see her meltdowns every week?

She also had a fight with Jenny McCarthy on live radio.

Stepping unto the IMDb yacht to promote Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, Tara Reid barely escapes another wardrobe malfunction using a cropped strapless top, which looked too lose and was on the brink of slipping as she waved her hand to her fans.

Photo courtesy: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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