Taylor Swift in the brink of depression after a series of breakups, decides to freeze her eggs

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The year 2016 seems to be a bad year for Taylor Swift as she saw herself in a series of breakups this year. The breakups must have affected the “Bad Blood” singer in a huge way because she decided to freeze her eggs.

Taylor Swift has had the reputation as a serial dater but beyond that bad image, the singer reportedly desires to have children. However, she was afraid and depressed after a series of failed relationships that she has been thinking of freezing her eggs according to the latest rumors.

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The source continues that she was afraid that she won’t be able to get pregnant naturally; thus, the decision. Moreover, she will also remove the pressure she has placed in herself to bear children and just focus on finding the right person instead of going from relationship to relationship in hopes that the guy will father her child.

Further rumors fly around that her friends have tried to dissuade her from pursuing her decision and told her to relax because she still has a lot of time to get pregnant the natural way.

Fortunately, stories about a depressed Swift and her decision to freeze her eggs were unfounded rumors and the “Blank Space” singer is doing well and fine after her breakup with Tom Hiddleston. Gossip Cop further debunked the rumors saying that all those “claims” were not true. The website further said that it was not the first time someone spread false stories about Taylor Swift or any other celebrities.

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Meanwhile, the 26-year old singer was seen partying around town with Dakota Johnson, Cara Delevigne, Zoe Kravitz, and other girlfriends. The singer looked happy and seemed to be enjoying the time with her friends. There was even no trace of depression in the actress as all she wants was a good time and good food with some great friends.

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