Taylor Swift new album, now here comes the Tom Hiddleston song

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Is the Tom Hiddleston break-up song coming soon? This has been the question fans and critics alike were asking when rumors of a Taylor Swift album coming out this weekend made the rounds as the “Bad Blood” singer will perform at the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

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The rumor and speculations that Swift might be going to release a song this weekend came when she posted some behind-the-scenes photo of her rehearsal for the Saturday performance.

The rumors were based on the previous release of Swift’s album in 2014, which was released in late October. Based on her record, she releases a new album every two years. Moreover, it has been a long time as well since she was seen in a live performance.

In addition to that, her friend Gigi Hadid hinted in an interview last month that the singer “is starting to go back to work in the studio again.” That alone does not require a lot of guessing to know that Swift has a new album brewing.

Along with a rumored new album, there are also some predictions and questions whether she will have a song about Tom Hiddleston.

As everybody knows by now, Swift has a habit of writing songs about her exes, most of which have become hits. Some of those include ‘Dear John’ for John Meyer, ‘Style’ for Harry Stiles, ‘Begin Again’ for Connor Kennedy, ‘Last Kiss’ for Joe Jonas, and ‘The Last Time’ for Jake Gyllenhaal.

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The question is what could be her song about Hiddleston be? Could it be similar to ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ since she posted a video of her singing her 2012 hit song?

No one really knows for sure whether Hiddleston had made an impression on her enough for her to write a song about him. It’s not even sure whether she will announce a new album at all.

For now, her fans are expectant and have already flooded Twitter with the #TS2016 hashtag. We will only know for certain if all these are true when she gets on that stage a few hours later.

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