Teen Wolf Season 6 Spoilers and Updates: The Stiles and Lydia ship officially sails; A returning character helps the pack; Show’s social media accounts deleted

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Teen Wolf, Dylan O'Brien, Melissa Ponzio
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After five successful years, Teen Wolf is now headed to its sixth and final season in the coming month. With its impending finale, MTV has prepared major surprises for its fans complete with new interesting villains, superb visual effects, action-packed storyline and teen romance.

Along with a new teaser trailer that MTV recently released, the show’s marketing team is working overtime as the show’s all social media accounts were deleted as promotion for the upcoming season. A rumor is also circulating online about the comeback of a beloved character, making fans impatient for the return of the show.

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The Stiles And Lydia Ship Officially Sails

Fans already knew that Stiles and Lydia would take their friendship to the next level, but a new trailer where Stiles said “I love you” to Lydia officially confirms their romantic relationship.

However, Stiles will be taken by the show’s new villains, the scarecrow-looking ghost riders, an action that will erase him from existence, and his friends and family will be left to try to remember someone who has never existed to them.

Stiles’ romance with Lydia will also be affected by the abduction. This would be one of the many hurdles that Stiles and Lydia must overcome in order to continue their budding romance.
A Returning Character Helps The Pack
Meanwhile, fans are still hoping that actor Tyler Hoechlin will come back to reprise his role as Derek Hale. Various online sources suggest that Derek might be back to help Stiles, Scott and the rest of the pack to defeat their new enemies.
The actor, however, neither confirmed or denied the speculation when he was interviewed by TheWrap at the San Diego Comic Con last month, where he simply responded with three dots.
The Show’s Social Media Accounts Deleted
In an unprecedented move, the show’s social media accounts were apparently deleted in a promotional bid by MTV in connection with the upcoming season’s plot. Fans were bewildered by the stunt as the show’s socmed accounts, from Facebook, Twitter to Youtube were wiped clean.
However, with all the socmed accounts now up and running, it became clear that the stunt was just a promotion as a #remember is now making rounds online for fans to share their most memorable memory of the show.
Teen Wolf returns Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.
Photo courtesy: Gabrielclai/commons.Wikimedia.org
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