The Bachelor Australia Season 4, Episode 4 Spoilers: Olena predicted winner? Ukranian-born beauty reveals secret to win Richie’s heart

The Bachelor Australia Season 4 episode 4 spoilers olena predicted winner
The Bachelor Australia Season 4, episode 4 spoilers suggest Olena’s win over Richie’s heart? Her witty, intuitive nature attracts 31-yeard-old bachelor?

The Bachelor Australia Season 4, Episode 4 spoilers suggest Olena’s possible win. Despite the intense competition, the Ukrainian-born beauty remains optimistic in winning Richie’s heart.

From the previous episode, Richie Strahan gave each candidate a piece of rose except Tolyna, Zany Janey and Tiffany. Consequently, the three exited the show early.

Other remaining bachelorettes intensified their moves to the 31-year-old bachelor Richie. However, mong the other contenders, Keira McGuire failed to date him.

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She went into unexpected tantrums afterwards. Richie took Alex on the couch and had a talk. Megan, on the other hand, was able to date the bachelor instead.

Movie News Guide describes how the two enjoyed the beautiful scenery while having great conversations. At the end, Megan got a kiss on her cheek. Richie and she was about to kiss before they misjudged it.

Regardless how the others do their thing to win his heart, Olena Khamula remains cool about it. The freelance make-up artist from Greenacre seems to outstand, Daily Telegraph mentions.

The 23-year-old freelancer left her homeland when she was nine. She lives with her family in Greenacre.

Prior to The Bachelor Australia Season 4, she traveled across different countries like China, South Korea and Italy, for modelling and for traveling.

But because she desires to build a name in Australia, she decided to join the show. For her, taking part of it is a genesis of her new-found adventure.

Upon participating as one of the contenders for winning Richie’s heart, she is eyeing it. She reveals her secret sauce on winning the show.

She says that whenever she likes a guy, Olena attacks him through her stunning eyes. In the second episode, she tried and it worked.

One thing she likes about the 31-year –old bachelor is his genuine and beautiful soul. Because of that, she decides to know him better and deeper than their first date.

The same source states that this creative but aggressive eye strategy captured Richie’s attention and ended a simple but interesting date.

Both enjoyed their company while having talks about family as well as having children. For them, it was a great conversation which impressed Richie, Popsugar reports.

Richie utters his interest to how Olena opens up about his family and his background. He says that it was not a typical conversation for a first date.

It means she’s interested to know about him deeper. Her initiative on asking these questions impresses him a lot.

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Will she pursue her plan on pursuing Richie in The Bachelor Australia Season 4, episode 4? Or she lets other stunning candidates do instead?

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/@TheBachelorAU

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