The Defenders villain revealed; Marvel’s Devil is coming for the Netflix series

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Photo courtesy: Official site/Marvel

The Defenders, with members Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, is expected to be Marvel’s and Netflix’s next hit television series. According to rumors, the superheroes have found their main super villain for their first season.

The foursome will reportedly be teaming up against Mephisto, one of the Marvel Comics’ most feared villains, according to screengeek.net. The Marvel rumor also adds that the Netflix series is setting up the “supernatural element” in their shows with other Marvel characters like Moon Knight, Blade and Ghost Rider being considered in the future.

Who is Mephisto?

According to Marvel.com, Mephisto goes by many aliases, and mostly in reference to being a demon. Mephisto is also known as Satan, Lord of Evil, Prince of Devils, Beelzebub, the Devil and Legion, among others.

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What will be The Defenders up against when they face Mephisto? The official Marvel site also has information on the powers of the devil super villain:

“An immensely powerful supernatural entity, Mephisto wields mystical energy for effects such as force blasts, matter manipulation, astral projection, interdimensional portals, illusion-casting and shape-shifting (his true form is unknown). Mephisto can capture the souls of recently deceased humans, though this usually applies only to beings who bargain away their souls to him,” the site stated.

“Mephisto can mystically trap living beings in his realm, but he cannot feed off these beings and rarely chooses to do this. A portion of his power seems to be tied to his realm and the number of souls trapped within it, meaning that prolonged absences from Hades weaken him. Mephisto does not need to eat, sleep or breathe, and is immune to aging and conventional disease.”

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With the possible main villain for The Defenders series revealed, it looks like Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Iron Fist (Finn Jones) sand Luke Cage (Mike Colter) will have their hands full of the devil when they team up in 2017.

Photo courtesy: Official site/Marvel

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