‘The Rock’ donates $1500 to save tortured pooch

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The Rock
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“The Rock,” a former professional wrestler now more known as Hollywood celebrity Dwayne Johnson, may be a big, brawny guy but he proved that his heart is much bigger.

He has always demonstrated a love for animals and on Wednesday he proved this by donating $1500 for the surgery of an injured K9.

Not only this, the pooch is named after the movie star.

According to the GoFundMe site set up for the stricken dog, The Rock was in a very poor condition when a shelter first got him.

“He was dumped at North Central Shelter with a large metal wire wrapped around the bottom portion of his mouth. It took bolt cutters for the shelter to remove it. Dwayne [also] has a grade 5 heart murmur. Grade 6 is considered the most severe.”

The site also revealed that the heart murmur would require surgery totaling almost $5000.

According to reports, when the San Andreas star heard about the plight of the injured dog he could not resist himself and immediately donated $1500 for the dog’s treatment.

Luckily, the GoFundMe goal for the injured pooch has been reached. The shelter workers have said that the extra funds would go towards helping other unfortunate dogs to give them a new lease of life just like the injured ‘The Rock’.

This is not the first time that the 43-year-old star has come to the rescue of animals.

The San Andreas star previously adopted two French bulldogs, Brutus and Hobbs. But when Brutus almost sank to the bottom of a pool, Johnson like a knight in shining armor quickly dove in fully clothed and rescued the dog.


Johnson seen here with his adopted dogs, Brutus(left) and Hobbs(right)

Sadly, Brutus has since passed away after accidentally eating a poisonous mushroom.

Johnson is currently filming the hit HBO series Ballers, an NFL based drama. He resumed shooting for the show on Tuesday after a break.

Recently, he took a cool snap with Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and posted it on his Instagram account. Johnson also revealed that the NFL footballer would be guest starring on the show.

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