The Walking Dead Season 7 Release, Spoilers: Negan’s next victim revealed in first episode, 11 prospects unveiled

The Walking Dead Season 7 release reveals Negan victims
The Walking Dead Season 7 release in October opens with heavy scene where Negan kills one of 11 victims. Conclusion to Season 6 cliffhanger expected.

With the expected The Walking Dead Season 7 release in October 2016, Negan’s potential victims were teased on social media. There were 11 photos unveiled in their official Twitter and Facebook accounts which were believed to be his next prey.

Based from how the photos were revealed, it seemed that the showrunners wanted to provoke the detective skills of the audiences. There were 11 photos of each prospect victim with a bat on side. There was also a light which beamed the characters’ faces in an angle.

What The Walking Dead Season 7 release expectants should do is to try to figure which of these 11 preys will be killed in the future episodes. See photos here. Surprisingly, the show’s executive producer revealed that the next victim will be killed as early as the first episode.

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Seeing a new murdered victim in a show is not a usual thing for suspense or thriller series. Unlike the others, The Walking Dead Season 7 appeared to be a much more intense season to expect this time around.

EP Greg Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly that among the 11 prospects of Negan’s murder, there will be one of them dead in the first episode. This is something of a surprise for the fans. Another thing for that episode will be the hostage situation.

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In Season 6, the series ended with a heavy emotionally draining state as a cliffhanger. In fact, this was a tremendous heart break for most of the fans. Obviously, they wanted to know the next scene.

Yet the show runners decided to end it there to pick up for the next one. Hence, a heavy premiere episode is already slated for The Walking Dead Season 7 release.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/TheWalkingDeadAMC

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