This Is Us TV show news, premier spoilers; NBC throws a curveball!

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This Is Us TV Show on NBC
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The premier of the This Is Us TV show in NBC has left us in awe with its twist in the end. It seemed to be a promising show at first, but many were caught by how it ended, all props to the show’s writers and its creator Dan Fogelman. It was extraordinary.

It opens up on a couple- Jack and Rebecca (pregnant), as they are about to celebrate Jack’s birthday. Their night is cut short when Rebecca breaks and is brought to the hospital.

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The show independently reveals bits and pieces of the main character’s lives- Kate, Kevin and Randall, who happen to have the same age and celebrate the same birthday.

Kate is a fatty, struggling to lose weight. Kevin is an actor who is unhappy for the lack of depth of his character, while Randall seeks his real father who has abandoned him, but only to find out he’s dying, feeling abandoned all over again.

What most of the audience fail to notice is that these are all shot at different times, in 1975-79, and that Jack and Rebecca were their parents. Yes, apart from sharing the same birthdays, they belong to the same family.

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Rebecca gave birth to triplets, but lost one, and they ended up adopting Randall- a baby brought to the hospital on the same day after being abandoned by his parents in the fire station.

The clues to the times were carefully covered, but if one re-watches it, take heed of the hospital equipments and notice that they’re outdated.

“The medical equipment in the hospital is really old but you don’t notice it. Hospital rooms where you have a baby haven’t changed that dramatically in the past 30 years.” Dan Fogelman said in a report by EW.

“So part of the reason by making [Dr. K, played by guest star Gerald McRaney] an old folksy doctor is when he looks at his watch to time contractions, he feels like a doctor who’s old-school as opposed to a doctor who’s from an older time. And Gerald brought that so naturally.”

According to a report by USA Today Mandy Moore expressed her gratitude that the twist of the This Is Us TV premier was kept a secret, which contributed so much to its success. “It’s nice to celebrate with the entire cast and have the shared experience.” Mandy Moore said.

“When people see it in a vacuum, like they did when I first made the pilot, there’s no way of seeing the ending coming,” he said. “Now, when people hear there’s a surprise at the end of the show, they start looking for something earlier, so it changes the viewing experience a little bit.” Fogelman said.

This Is Us TV show will soon have an aftershow. It will be available on all NBC’s digital platforms via the NBC app, as well as on VOD for free, after the East Coast airing of each episode on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo courtesy: MingleMediaTVNetwork/Flickr

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