Top 10 Super Bowl National Anthem performances: Where does Lady Gaga rank among the best?

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No Super Bowl event can start without the singing of the USA national anthem. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Super Bowl National Anthem performances over the years.

10) Luther Vandross, 1997

Luther graced the 1997 Super Bowl event by singing the USA national anthem. The Super Bowl 31 saw the game between New England Patriots against Green Bay Packers in January 1997.

9) Kelly Clarkson, 2012

Kelly Clarkson gave a beautiful rendition of the national anthem. The Super Bowl 46 saw the game between New York Giants and New England Patriots.

8) Mariah Carey, 2002

Mariah Carey’s smile and vocal skills kicked off the Super Bowl 36 with a beautiful start. The 36th edition saw the game between St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots.

7) Cher, 1999

Cher and her powerful voice kicked off the 33rd edition of Super Bowl. The game was played between Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons.

6) Dixie Chicks, 2003

Dixie Chicks opened the Super Bowl 37 being played between Oakland Raiders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers in January 2003.

5) Faith Hill, 2000

The 34th edition of Super Bowl saw the national anthem being sung by Faith Hill. Held in January 2000, the game was played between St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans.

4) Beyonce, 2004

Beyonce kick started the 38th edition of Super Bowl played between Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots in February 2004.

3) Jennifer Hudson, 2009

Academy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson’s melodious and powerful rendition of the national anthem was speechless and incomparable. The 43rd edition of Super Bowl saw the game being played between Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals in February 2009.

2) Lady Gaga, 2016

Lady Gaga rocked this year’s Super Bowl event. Her powerful singing of the national anthem sure gave the teams Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers a great inspiration.


1) Whitney Houston, 1991

Who can forget the late Whitney Houston’s powerful rendition of the national anthem at the 25th Super Bowl held in January. The New York Giants narrowly beat the Buffalo Bills that night 20-19, but it was Houston’s performance that became the talk of the town.

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