‘Top Gear’ Update: Chris Evans is at ‘war’ with Matt LeBlanc

“Top Gear” presenters Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are still working on their chemistry.

Barely three weeks are left before the launch of the world’s longest running motoring show “Top Gear”. However, the show’s presenters Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are still working on their chemistry. Rumors are swelling that the two are still trying to get along with each other despite their odd replies on Twitter.

The Week reported that fans are skeptical if the pair would be able to pull things together unlike their predecessors. The Drive even stated that putting Evans and LeBlanc in the show will be a “make or break.” They reported that Evans was casted for the show because he is among Britain’s most recognizable television personality and loves vintage cars while LeBanc was casted because the show wanted to penetrate the U.S. market and since he is also a popular figure having worked in the 90’s hot series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”. Show runners hope that LeBlanc could deliver the goods as well as Evans.

However, the release of the show’s latest trailer says it all as negative reactions plus poor reviews have haunted them. It will not be an easy ride for both Evans and LeBlanc hosting the show, which is a series about motor vehicles, primarily cars, and the most widely watched factual television program in the world.

The show began as a conventional motoring magazine but has repackaged itself to a more humorous and controversial style. The show started in 1977 but was later re-launched in 2002 and has been repackaged for this year as well.

Evans tells The National that they have huge shoes to fill in the show but suggests that with a big brand such as “Top Gear,” they could withstand such comparison and be able to deliver what is expected of them. He adds that he might be a nobody in England, but when it comes to motoring he knows more that anyone can tell.

“Top Gear is a big brand. Jeremy, Richard and James are well known around the world. I am not. But if you get a show with enough heat, it can withstand people leaving – look at ER after George Clooney, or James Bond. I think Top Gear is the same,” Evans explained.

For LeBlanc he added that the reason why he was casted for the show was to bring the element of comic and to lighten up things a bit. He stressed that they will still follow the same format for which the show was known and will just inject ideas which to them would further innovate the show.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.The format worked before, so we’re really just plugging in new people. It’s a television show about cars and having a few laughs, it’s not a cure for cancer. I think they brought me in for the comic element,” he says. “I was pitching jokes all the time on the last trip and Chris was like: ‘All right, that’s enough. Just be quiet!’ But I’m not trying to inject apple pie and hot dogs into Top Gear: I love Britain and it’s still a British show,” LeBlanc said.

“Top Gear” featuring Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc was supposed to air on May 8 but was delayed so the reinvented top motoring show will be launch on May 28 over at BBC.

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