Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis reveals she was gang-raped

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Kelly McGillis

Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis says she’s taking a step forward in protecting herself. She could no longer just stand back after all the harassments she’s experienced over the years. She shared a photo on Facebook of her during a target practice.

Last June 17, McGillis reported that a woman broke into her home and acted crazy before attacking her. When she arrived at her Hendersonville residence she found her front door unlocked, a light on, and woman with a girl inside. She said the woman then started to scream at her as if they knew each other.

The woman came out cursing and asked how the actress could do such things to her. The attacker accused McGillis of stalking her on twitter. The confused actress panicked and ran to call up 911 at around 9:15 pm. The intruder chased her and started punching to try to grab the phone.

A record of the call has McGillis screaming “I have somebody in my house.  They’re beating me up! Please help me! Help me!”

Laurence Marie Dorn, 38, was charged with second-degree burglary, misdemeanor larceny, misdemeanor stalking, assault and battery, and interfering with emergency communication. She’s been released on $60,000 bail.

Kelly McGillis received criticisms after she posted her plans to arm herself on Facebook, but she’s not backing down this time.

McGillis had previously spoken on the record about her ordeals when she was attacked and raped by 2 men in 1979. She writes that it wasn’t the first time; that she had been gang-raped at the age of 12, held up at gunpoint in college, and added, “I have been stalked by an ex-girlfriend who took great pains to try to poison my animals…”

“After each one of these attacks I have moved thinking I could find a safe place. Not. The incident Friday night has now pushed me over the edge.  It has been my tipping point. No, I am not a victim. I am a survivor. I am left with all the terrifying feelings of PTSD and trying to pull myself out of the very depth of the all-consuming depression and despair.”

“All I have ever wanted is to feel safe. Safe in my own home…I can’t think. I can’t eat.  And I am terrified to be alone…That’s why I am going to start carrying a gun.

Kelly McGillis has been issued an emergency permit and is undergoing safety training. It takes 45 days to make the concealed carry permit official.


Photo courtesy: Robert Connolly/Flickr.com

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