Train to Busan 2 Spoilers, Premiere: Song Joong-Ki and Lee Min-Ho confirmed to join Gong Yoo in sequel

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Train to Busan 2 spoilers reveals Song Joong-Ki and Lee Min-Ho to join Gong Yoo in sequel
Latest Train to Busan 2 spoilers noted that Song Joong-Ki and Lee Min-Hoo could possibly join Gong Yoo in sequel. Two South Korean stars fit for casting.

Following the success of the South Korean movie that centered in the zombie apocalypse, latest Train to Busan 2 spoilers revealed that Song Joong-Ki and Lee Min-Ho might join Gong Yoo in the sequel.

In our earlier report, Gong Yoo, who played as a fund manager and a single dad Seok Woo, confirmed that he approached the film director Yeon Sang-Ho about the possible sequel of the film. Initially, the director disapproved the idea, because it contradicted the plot.

In the same event, Ma Deong-Seok, who played as Sang-Hwa, a married man and a father-to-be in the film, also talked with the director for the same concern. Both acknowledged the demands of the fans across the globe to continue their journey as zombies in Train to Busan 2.

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Furthermore, the fans also discussed the possible casts to join the two characters. According to Morning Ledger, there is a high chance for Descendants of the Sun leading man Song Joong-Ki to comprise the new characters in the film. This is because he has already portrayed the role of a military in the K-Drama series. From there, fans certainly love to see the actor in similar character in another hit movie.

In addition, Lee Min-Ho’s name also popped out aside from Joong-Ki. One source cited that the actor’s active background in UNICEF as the country’s Honorary Ambassador to the program “Love Net Campaign (to fight malaria)” in 2009 to 2010.

Moreover, Lee was also a PR ambassador for the Chilean campaign “Reforestemos Patagonia” of Minoz Chile in 2013. Aside from these, he also won awards from the different movies and K-Drama series he starred since 2009. These are reasonable enough to include him in the movie, based on the fans’ opinion.

Although their names popped out as one of the new casts for Train to Busan 2 and the sequel appeared possible, the project itself still remained uncertain in the moment, especially that Sang-Ho has not announced anything yet.

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In the meantime, avid Train to Busan fans should wait until the director affirmed the sequel. Perhaps, if the two actors Gong Yoo and Ma Deong-Seok continuously convince Mr. Yeon, he might consider this movie in the future.

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