Train to Busan remake in Hollywood already underway

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Train to Busan movie sequel spoiler Gong Yoo reveals
South Korean actor Gong Yoo revealed about the possibility to film Train to Busan movie sequel soon to reprise his character & continue journey as a zombie.

The success of the Korean movie “Train to Busan” has caught the attention of the filmmakers in the United States in previous months. According to rumors, Hollywood has already set its sights in buying the rights for the film with many studios showing interesting in a Train to Busan remake.

Variety.com reports that Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox are among those interested. Other non-US studios are also trying to get the rights like Gaumont, Canal Plus and EuropaCorp, all based in Europe.

“Although no deal has yet been decided or signed, we’re in talks with major studios and indie production houses in Hollywood and France that are highly interested in remaking the film,” the site’s source reportedly stated.

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“Train to Busan” has gained a lot of fans in recent weeks with the action-thriller movie tackling the popular zombie outbreak theme. The movie is about a group of people trying to survive zombie attacks while on a high-speed bullet trade from the cities of Seoul to Busan.

“Train to Busan” has impressed the fans and critics during its screening at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. A Train to Busan remake should satisfy the fans and critics again.

According to Movie Pilot, “Train to Busan” earned $34 million in the first five days of its release and has a total of over $80M so far until last weekend. This is easily the highest grossing Korean film ever shown in Hong Kong and Taiwan and also getting good reviews and box office numbers in other Asian countries.

Critics have been nice to “Train of Busan” creators as well with Rotten Tomatoes giving it 93% rating and IMDB.com grading it 8/10.

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“Train to Busan” is going to Hollywood soon and with their box office hit it could easily mean that the zombie movie Train to Busan remake will also find the same success in the United States, North America and worldwide.

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