Train to Busan movie sequel in the works, Gong Yoo confirms

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Train to Busan movie sequel spoiler Gong Yoo reveals
South Korean actor Gong Yoo revealed about the possibility to film Train to Busan movie sequel soon to reprise his character & continue journey as a zombie.

After the success of the new film with 10 million tickets sold in South Korea alone, Gong Yoo revealed possible Train to Busan movie sequel details. In a recent interview, the actor said that he’s in talks with the director about the possibility of continuing the journey of his character after his tragic death.

The 37-year-old South Korean actor recently disclosed the chances of having a sequel to the movie that centered on a zombie apocalypse. In the film, his character Seok-Woo is a single dad who turned into a zombie after one of the infected passengers Yong-Suk bit him on his right hand.

Towards the end of the movie, Seok-Woo managed to save his daughter Soo-An and Sang-Hwa’s pregnant wife Sung-Gyeong inside the train conductor’s cabin while the train continues to drive en route to Busan. Seok-Wook knew he’ll turn into a zombie in minutes, so he voluntarily took his own life by jumping on the railroad tracks and dying.

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Consequently, many of the audience felt sad and disappointed at the outcome. They thought he’ll survive with his daughter and Sung-Gyeong. Hence, the actor Gong-Yoo talked to film director Yeon Sang-Ho to reprise his character in a different perspective.

However, the director immediately opposed the idea as the character has already died in the movie, according to Soompi. That means there is no clear path to where the character could make progress if his journey continues.

“I talked about this with Director Yeon Sang-Ho, and I said that I thought my character Seok Woo might be living somewhere as a zombie. But Director Yeon said that when Seok Wook fell off the train, he broke his neck and died,” the actor said while laughing.

In addition, he explained to the director that another lead cast Ma Dong-Seok, who played as Sang-Hwa, also turned into a zombie after saving them. Thus, Gong Yoo hinted that reprising their characters in the Train to Busan movie sequel is agreeable and possible.

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If many of their fans crave for more intense and action-packed zombie apocalypse movie, perhaps Director Yeon would change his mind and reprise the two actors’ roles for a more intense sequel.

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