True Detective Season 3 is HBO’s ‘Perry Mason’; Robert Downey Jr.’s role similar to Rustin Cohle

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True Detective Season 3 is HBO's Perry Mason
Many fans believed that HBO’s new series “Perry Mason” is apparently True Detective Season 3 due to undeniable similarities between the two shows.

True Detective Season 3 was already reported to push through in 2018 due to Nic Pizzolatto’s confirmation on working with the Iron Man star Robert Downey, Jr. What’s more interesting is that the recent rumors mentioned that HBO was trying to hide the series’ name to ‘Perry Mason’ instead of using True Detective Season 3.

The second season disaappointed many of True Detective’s fans. Majority of them said it was a total flop compared to the first season released in 2014. Many theories were already made about the grounds behind its poor outcome.

One of those was the irreconcilable differences between writer Nic Pizzolatto and former director Cary Fukunaga. The tension between the two worsened after the series’ recognition in Emmys wherein the director decided to leave his job in the show.

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Consequently, Pizzolatto monopolized the series which resulted to True Detective Season 2’s failure. Its quality disappointed majority of the fans. For them, the second season was not even comparable to the first season. With its finale in 2015, they were not excited with how season 3 will be when it finally premieres.

Writer and director Nic Pizzolatto lately affirmed that he’s working with the Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.’s passion project, “Perry Mason.” In our previous report, we wrote that True Detective and “Perry Mason” have similarities especially with its plot sequence as well as the characters.

The setting was also observed the same with True Detective that convinced many about HBO’s attempt to hide True Detective Season 3 release through using “Perry Mason” as a new name of the series.

Movie News Guide supported the claim. According to the source, the main character played as a defense lawyer who ended up with a partner to investigate a case to prove that his client is innocent to the crime. Speculations added the same thing happened to “The Night Of” as well.

The same source stated that the network kept on renaming the names of their new series like “The Night Of” and the new “Perry Mason” series to associate True Detective Season 2 and 3. With that being said, fans could notice how the plots of these two series linked to the original True Detective’s quality.

If these theories are true, audience could expect great Season 3. But that would take more time than expected as Pizzolatto earlier confirmed that his new project with Downey pursues until 2018. That means fans won’t expect any season 3 release until the next two years.

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Probably, after successive changing of series’ names, HBO would reveal the show’s official premiere at that time. As of now, this remained a guess.

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