True Detective Season 3 release date comes after ‘The Night Of’ finale; Patterns of two series similar

True Detective Season 3 release date after The Night Of
True Detective Season 3 release date expected after The Night Of mini-series in HBO? Many speculated that the series showed how True Detective Season 2 could’ve been if Nic Pizzolatto was not pressured to release half-baked episodes shortly after the first season finale.

Many fans were disappointed after the troubled True Detective Season 2 release. ‘The Night Of’ came after with similar patterns of plot and characters. Speculations mentioned that the series showed how the second season could have been.

Due to the reported intense pressure to replicate the success of the first season, Nic Pizzolatto was forced to release a half-baked True Detective Season 2. That’s how the speculations cited the situation and former HBO president Michael Lombardo never denied that fact.

Couple of months after its failing finale, a mini-series The Night Of was created. According to Bustle, the way the episodes were structured were similar to True Detective. It appeared that the network wanted to hint Rustin Cohle’s arrival later on.

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The eight-episode The Night Of series has two main characters, John Turturro and Riz Ahmed. The two were the detectives assigned to investigate a complex case in New York City. They both alluded Detectives Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart’s partnership.

The Wrap revealed that even the tone of the choice of location and the branding of The Night Of were almost the same with True Detectives. Hence, thoughts about how True Detective Season 2 should be intensified.

Based from the same source, it appeared that the producers wanted to show the audiences how True Detective Season 2 should have been if Nic Pizzolatto was not pressured.

If the episodes were not created as a half-baked material, more fans should have been compelled to the plot line in general. At least, they could’ve been enticed. Yet, changes–characters, plot– were made after the first season.

If these theories are true, it could be possible to expect True Detective Season 3 soon. Given that Matthew McConaughey desired to reprise Rustin Cohle’s role in the series, having a third season sooner than expected would be great for the fans of the popular series.

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At the end of the day, it is up for HBO whether to give the show another chance for True Detective Season 3. In the meantime, they have not said anything about its development.

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