True Detective Season 3 release date delayed until 2018 as creator Nic Pizzolatto busy with Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Perry Mason’ series on HBO?

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True Detective Season 3 release date spoilers HBO
True Detective Season 3 release date will likely fall in 2018 as creator Nic Pizzolatto is currently busy writing for “Perry Mason” series on HBO.

The True Detective Season 3 release date delay has been speculated many times since its second season finale. However, theories of its delay became more credible when creator Nic Pizzolatto confirmed that he’s writing for Robert Downey Jr.’s “Perry Mason” series on HBO.

In our previous report, we detailed about Nic Pizzolatto’s minimal supervision on True Detective Season 3. As per rumors, he has a writer to create the episodes in his behalf. Speculations mentioned that he got someone to write the new plot for the new season while he’s occupied with other projects.

The project was never been clarified until rumors stated about Pizzolatto’s plan to team up with actor Robert Downey Jr., who’s famous as “Iron Man” in Marvel films, for a new HBO series. According to Deadline, the new series will only contain eight episodes which are all slated for release in 2018.

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The source suggests that it’s not been a coincidence that “Perry Mason” series equalled True Detective Season 3’s number of episodes planned. They also detailed about the similarities of the structure and genre. Both “Perry Mason” and True Detective are television crime dramas.

In addition to that, both of these shows have influential lead characters which conclude the theory about the actor’s passion project which is already considered an allusion to what’s in-stored for True Detective Season 3.

Yet this speculation is taken a grain of salt as HBO didn’t confirm its details about it. Nevertheless, this claim is made true when Variety mentioned that Robert Downey Jr.’s “Perry Mason” series will last until 2018.

That means reprising Rustin Cohle won’t happen until “Perry Mason” series will end. Thinking about its arrival next year will be impossible in the meantime.

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In summary, True Detective Season 3 release won’t be predicted as long as creator Nic Pizzolatto won’t speak about its development as well as his priorities this year. What remains clear for now is he’s teaming with “Iron Man” for HBO’s “Perry Mason” series.

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