True Detective Season 3 release date preludes in ‘The Night Of’ series in HBO

True Detective Season 3 release date prelude in The Night Of
Many speculated about ‘The Night Of’ mini-series as a prelude to the nearing True Detective Season 3 release date. Did HBO try to hint the fans its arrival?

Many speculated that ‘The Night Of’ is a prelude to the True Detective Season 3 release date. Though HBO won’t say anything about it yet. However, many “detectives” from the audiences think there is an underlying meaning behind the mini-series.

‘The Night Of’ is an American mini-series release last July 10 on HBO. From how it appears to everyone, no one would think this is an introduction for the coming of True Detective Season 3.

It is how the network produce shows like the usual. It would be a common crime-solving series if there would be no observable clues hinted within the episodes.

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Albeit the fact that the previous season was terrible, but many of the audiences remain hopeful for its arrival. Even the great Matthew McConaughey (Rustin Cohle) admitted his interest to reprise the role.

As much as the mini-series is concerned, they think that the plot seems to be an experiment of what has prepared for the future episodes in True Detective. Imagine an 8-episode series with big plot and great casts, who would think this is just a simple series.

Bustle supports this assumption. It mentions about the existing allusions in each episode title. According to the source, it is loaded with literary and religious references which is comparable to True Detective.

Rather than by focusing on the plain crime-solving series, the clues are on the titles and the sub-lots within the episodes speak something deeper. It can be possible that HBO already took the blame for the second season’s failure.

Former HBO President Michael Lombardo told during an interview with The Frame that he admitted his mistake on pressuring the show runners to repeat the success of True Detective season 1.

However, he realized that in creating a great show, Nic Pizzolatto has to re-invent everything. Hence, he needed more time to showcase another spectacular season. But it didn’t happen which resulted to a disaster.

If this is the case, perhaps, the network has already thought to make it up for their mistake. They might have planned to learn more about this kind of plot if they are recognizable in terms of the audience’s taste. Obviously, this is where the show runners could get the gist of what to in-store in True Detective Season 3.

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Given the obvious alignment of the plot and the clues from the episode titles, it is crystal clear that True Detective Season 3 is coming under a great attempt of disguise as ‘The Night Of’ on HBO.

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