True Detective Season 3 Release: Nic Pizzolatto not pressured; Partnering former director Cary Fukunaga again for an outstanding season expected?

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True Detective Season 3 release Nic Pizzolatto partnering Cary Fukunaga
To expect a great True Detective Season 3 release, Nic Pizzolatto partnering with former director Cary Fukunaga is great. But will he direct the show again?

HBO opened its doors to the possibility of having a True Detective Season 3 release soon. The network also announced they won’t pressure Nic Pizzolatto to produce something as outstanding as season one.

However, rumors said that though the network won’t pressure him anymore, he still won’t surpass Fukunaga’s brilliance in the series. Though show creator Nic Pizzolato won’t be handling the scripts anymore, having another writer to scribble the plot line won’t help at all.

Various reports mentioned that supervising another writer in his behalf won’t help when it comes to surpassing the stunning episodes of True Detective Season 1.

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A report suggested that surpassing former director Cary Fukunaga required a great talent based from what he did in the first season. However, having him back also poses concerns.

This is because some fans knew that Fukunaga was the genius behind True Detective and not Pizzolatto. The former excelled in the series based from the way it was presented on television.

Regardless of his efforts to make a great show, only Pizzolatto was recognized and awarded in the Emmys as the best director in 2014. The tension started right after he accepted the said award and monopolized the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Due to the on-going tension between the two, Fukunaga decided to leave. After he left, Pizzolatto enjoyed the sole headship for True Detective. He was the director, executive producer and writer, Movie News Guide noted. The result was drastic. The second season intensely failed to amaze the viewers.

Plus, there was a change of characters instead having Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as lead characters.

Aside from losing the brilliant Fukunaga, Pizzolatto’s flimsy writing style was also to blame. According to the same source, the show creator’s style is unfit for a crime show.

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To properly execute the scenes based from how a crime show should appear, he should partner with an excellent writer. If not, an incredible team of experienced writers in that genre will be a great move.

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