Tupac Shakur alive, wanted to be mayor of L.A., migrant worker treatment ‘cause he was ‘black’; Sean Combs, Bloods & Crips theories

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Tupac Shakur alive
Photo courtesy: Tupac Shakur Tribute/Flickr, Tupac Shakur alive? did Sean Combs have him murdered? Orlando Anderson

It’s been a decade since one of the best rappers of all-time Tupac Shakur had been reportedly shot one fateful night at the intersection of Flamingo road and Koval Lane in Las Vegas.

Surprisingly, for a celebrity, a person as popular as he was, no one was ever charged for his shooting. More noteworthy is the fact that six days after his shooting that resulted to his death no funeral was ever made, nor is there a record of a formal tribute or memorial.

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Is Tupac Shakur alive?

Theories continue to surface of who shot the great one, and although names such as Orlando Anderson and Sean Combs pop up from time to time not enough evidence has been gathered to make any conviction, much less to warrant a formal trial.

Was he merely mixed up in a war between the Bloods and Crips gangs? Rumors abound that Sean Combs said he’d give anything for Pac’s death.

Still Sean Combs was never formally investigated.

Years after his death, sightings of Tupac Shakur have occasionally been reported. Many insist that Tupac Shakur is indeed alive. Some say he was in Cuba, one photograph even showed him with Rihanna but was proven a hoax.

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Despite the various “sightings” and “reports” not one validates the Tupac Shakur alive conjecture.

The day of his death was said to be tense for Tupac Shakur, says his friend Gobi Rahimi. He had enemies, for sure, but it was more of a gut feeling, an omen, and sure enough, they ended up in a fight later that night after watching Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon.

In a report by the Telegraph, an LAPD officer claims Sean Combs paid $1 million to carry out Tupac’s murder.

Nobody can say how much Tupac Shakur could have achieved had he lived up to this day but Gobi Rahimi said he wanted to change his ways. Weeks before he died Tupac Shakur told him, as reported by the NY Daily News:

“You know, in six months, no one’s gonna recognize me because I’m going to act like such an adult, I’m done with all the bulls—,” and “I want to run for mayor of L.A. because the politicians and the preachers are the biggest crooks in this country.”

Rahimi also said “he was being treated like a migrant worker from a third-world country” at the hospital. And having received more death threats, they didn’t get further assistance from the police who told him their claims were baseless.

“It just seemed really bizarre and only later did I find out that the fact that he was an African-American and it was Tupac didn’t help the case.” Gobi Rahimi said.

Ten years had passed and Tupac Shakur’s case remains a haze.

Photo courtesy: Tupac Shakur Tribute/Flickr

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