UFC 2015: Dos Anjos vs McGregor?

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Rafael dos Anjos silenced all the critics after bringing down Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in just over a minute in UFC on Fox 17 to retain the UFC lightweight championship. Nevertheless, dos Anjos was humble enough to say that Cerrone is much of a worthy opponent and his achievements in the lightweight division will be remembered with the positives.

“This guy’s a great opponent,”  said dos Anjos of Cerrone, “Donald won eight fights straight, it’s not easy to do this in the lightweight division. I’m so happy, man.”

After winning his first title defense, dos Anjos now moves up to a fighting record of 25-7 and currently winning his last 5 matches in the UFC.

Right now, a brash new contender declared that he is coming up to dos Anjos’ fighting division in the likes of the newest UFC featherweight champion – Conor “Notorious” McGregor.

“Mr. McGregor, if you want to come to this division, this is my division,” dos Anjos said. “If you want to come to Brazil, I’ll go to Ireland, wherever man.”

Later in the UFC post match press conference, dos Anjos added more to provoke McGregor to come up to the lightweight arena by saying that it is not a smart move on his part.

“Conor McGregor has said he wants to come to my division, and I think it will not be a smart decision for him. But if he wants to come, I will be happy to welcome him.”

Aside from Rafael dos Anjos, more fighters are calling out McGregor to fight. One of them is Nate Diaz, who just won against Michael Johnson via unanimous decision in the same fight card of dos Anjos. Diaz is probably the next contender to fight for the lightweight championship against dos Anjos but claims that McGregor is taking what is his and he is willing to fight for the championship title shot.

Also, Frankie Edgar – who fights as a featherweight – wants McGregor to stay in their division and collect on his long due titleshot.

With all the call-outs, McGregor only had this twitter post to say to them: “Line them up on their knees with their hands out. I want them to beg me.”

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