UFC champion Luke Rockhold dating Demi Lovato shortly after singer’s break up with Wilmer Valderrama; Wedding bells expected soon?

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UFC champion Luke Rockhold confirms dating Demi Lovato
UFC champion Luke Rockhold confirms dating Demi Lovato shortly after she broke up with boyfriend for eight years, Wilmer Valderrama. Marriage happens soon?

Shortly after breaking up with an ex-boyfriend for eight years, Demi Lovato quickly found a new love with UFC champion Luke Rockhold, whom she dated for a couple of months now. An insider revealed that the singer fell in love with Luke more passionately than she did with her former boyfriends.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter broke up with her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, whom she dated for eight years. Surprisingly, she immediately found a man who made her fall in love again.

The two met when Lovato trained at an Unbreakable gym in Los Angeles after her eating disorder rehab. She earlier mentioned that exercising has been her favorite past time activity as part of recovering from bulimia.

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Hence, she told Fitness Magazine that going to the gym was one of her options in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. From there, an unexpected event happened as she met the man who stole her heart within seconds. According to an insider, the spark between the two was faster than a car accident.

“Demi [Lovato] and Luke [Rockhold] started liking each other immediately. It was as sudden as a car accident and Demi falls hard in everything she does. She is one of the most passionate people there is, and she has brought all her passion to Luke and really likes him,” the insider told Hollywood Life.

In spite of the instant connection between the new lovers, the same source cited that their fans should not expect wedding bells yet as it’s too early to assume. However, their parties didn’t close doors for that event to happen soon.

If marriage isn’t yet their part of their option, everyone could anticipate a longer and a more stable relationship than before. Perhaps, the couple will decide anytime whether to move forward and go deeper than dating or not.

In the meantime, Demi Lovato is enjoying her new life after her long-period agony. She told Calgary Herald about undergoing an eating disorder therapy to aid her cope with bulimia. That being said, she explained that she doesn’t have to end up like her co-stars who has gone through their rough times and weren’t able to recover.

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After the program, she embraced a healthier lifestyle and accepted her imperfections. Thus, accepting her flaws, especially towards her body was her first step. Her decision to undergo such program helped her to succeed in the show business.

In order to help others who have the same issues like her, Lovato established her own charity to help those who have mental concerns like eating disorders. Aside from that, she also decided to inject insecurity as well as imperfections as the subjects of new songs.

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