UFC: Conor McGregor to switch over to Hollywood?

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UFC has found a shining star in Conor McGregor. Apart from his trash talks, the Irishman is known for his suave personality and style.

Ever since he knocked out Brazilian Jose Aldo at UFC 194, he has become the talk of the town with fighters clamoring for a title shot against him. McGregor infact has joined the ranks of Ronda Rousey in terms of popularity and stardom in the United States.

Like Rousey, McGregor too has been getting lots of movie offers but he is keeping his eyes focused on winning championships rather than acting.

McGregor was just recently offered a role in Vin Diesel’s upcoming movie XXX: The Return of Xander Cage but the UFC featherweight champion is yet to decide on the offer.

Acknowledging that he has movie offers on the table, McGregor insists that fight business and not show business is his passion.

“I have offers on the table. I am deciding but like I’ve said before, I truly enjoy the fight business. The fight business is my passion not show business,” McGregor told at the UFC 197 press meet, reports FOX Sports.

McGregor is gearing up for his next fight against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 197. He insists that he is “running the fight business”. McGregor who was recently seen shopping in Beverly Hills loves his money and the idea of collecting big bucks. He knows that doing movies will get him hefty paycheck and like a shrewd businessman he wants to use the movie roles and offers to negotiate his fight deals in order to cash in more money.

“I’m not crazy about acting but I sure am crazy about collecting,” McGregor said.

“So when they come at me with these offers and these opportunities to get in, say hello, collect a check and bounce and then on the backdrop use it as a negotiation tool that look Hollywood’s there screaming for me. I’ll use every angle of it. We’ll see where it goes.”

Photo Credit: The Irish Times

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