Uncontrollably Fond and Descendants of the Sun as pre-produced K-Drama series discouraged as China demands prior screening before airing

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Uncontrollably Fond and Descendants of the Suns KBS Korean drama
Uncontrollably Fond and Descendants of the Sun are the most affected K-Dramas produced by KBS as Mainland China demanded prior screening to the two series.

Mainland China reportedly discouraged Uncontrollably Fond and Descendants of the Sun as pre-produced K-Dramas. The country demanded prior screening to all Korean drama series aired for Chinese audience. Hence, KBS planned to produce live filming.

The two Korean dramas successfully captured the hearts of the global audience. In fact, they dramatically influenced neighboring Asian countries like Mainland China. The network was impressed with the encouraging number of viewers from the said country.

Descendants of the Sun, which starred Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo, was able to gain 30 percent nationwide viewership in China alone. After the series’ conclusion months ago, a new Korean series Uncontrollably Fond, starring Kim Woo-Bin and Bae Suzy, paved the way to boost the hallyu market again. The show initially gained 10 percent with 12 out of 20 episodes aired.

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However, Mainland China recently demanded a prior screening for South Korean romance series like the ones mentioned. This is to check each episode and review if it’s suitable for the Chinese audience. Because of the strong demand from the said country, KBS planned to conduct live filming instead.

Korea Herald explained that if the live filming will be implemented, the new batch of K-Dramas will broadcast the same way as 2002’s “Winter Sonata” television series, which starred Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo.

“I think romance dramas will be better off without advance production. Like ‘Winter Sonata,’ I think it will be better [live filming] even if it calls for all-nighters,” Jung Sung-Hyo, head of KBS TV drama department, said.

The same source mentioned that it’s already a norm for Korean series productions to film episodes in advance and schedule them time by time. Hence, it’s uncommon for them to have live filming for their dramas. But if they planned to invade the Chinese lands, they have to consider the country’s condition.

Yet, both series, Uncontrollably Fond and Descendants of the Sun, were unexpectedly popular in South Korea and Mainland China. That means they can’t control where these series could broadcast after its release.

Due to this heavy issue, Uncontrollably Fond’s remaining episodes were totally affected. The show aired its finale excluding the affected episodes. This became the reason for the actor Kim Woo-Bin, who played Shin Joon-Young, to apologize their fans, according to Soompi.

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He wrote about his sorry for not performing well as his character demanded. The actor added that with the unexpected finale of Uncontrollably Fond, he remained hopeful that they would still feel how the show was originally intended [prior to China’s heavy screening hassles].

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