‘Vikings’ Season 4 Update: Travis Fimmel retires his character as Alexander Ludwig takes over

looks like Travis Fimmel and Alexander Ludwig are going to exchange their fate in History Channel’s “Vikings.”

For Travis Fimmel and his character “Ragnar Lothbrok,” the time has come to retire from his mischief adventures in History’s hit drama/action series “Vikings” and to pass it on to his successor “Bjorn” played by Alexander Ludwig. In the midseason finale last week, Ragnar is looking at whom will take over his reign and all fingers are pointing to his eldest son Bjorn.

“Vikings” first aired in March 2013 narrating the wild imaginations of a farmer named Ragnar, whose tails of raiding, trading and exploring brought fame to his name not only as a chieftain but also as a king, but throughout the course of his adventure with his best buddy “Floki” played by Gustaf Skarsgård, would take them to the farthest regions away from home. But Fimmel tells IGN that Ragnar has lost the trust of his people and he has lost his touch of why he is doing all the riding and exploring.

“Everything’s changed around him, including him. Changed for the worst. I feel like it always feels like he’s let down or he doesn’t have the support of the people anymore. He doesn’t know who to trust. The reasons are not what he thought he was doing it for. Everything that’s occurring is not why he started doing these adventures. It’s all for different reasons now — other people’s reasons, not Ragnar’s reasons. So he’s lost the beauty. He feels like the beauty of it’s all gone,” Fimmel said of his character.

Seeing him in the midseason finale against his brother “Rollo” (Clive Standen), the outcome was not favorable with Ragnar that he suddenly vanished from the battle in Paris that had his sons wondering if he is dead or he simply retired as an old man in the wilderness. It was not the expected outcome of the TV series, but viewers were in for a shock that he resurfaced in the midst of all the chaos in his kingdom in Denmark.

But what will excite the viewers this coming fall for the second half of Season 4 will be the rising of Bjorn as the next leader of the Vikings together with his siblings namely Hvitserk (Marco Islo), Ivar (Alex Hogh Andersen), Ubbe (Jordan Partick Smith) and Sigurd (David Lindstrom). Bjorn will take the lead the Viking way and he will have Floki by his side as his mentor and adviser, though no specific has been hatched yet if ever he will have a fight scene against his uncle Rollo.

Thus, the second half of the series will focus on how Bjorn rises as the new leader for the Vikings and how his brothers will support him and Ludwig is excited on how the story will play along.

“Being a fan of this show myself, even before I was on it, I’ve always found I was most attracted to seeing the Vikings. When I was told we were going to introduce these new brothers and they’re going to be older and it’s going to revolve around this new generation and I’ll be leading that, it was super exciting to see. I knew the scripts were only going to get more exciting for me because I love reading about the Vikings because I think that’s a history that we’ve lost. A lot of people don’t know very much about how they lived, so that’s exciting,” Ludwig added.

Looks like Fimmel’s time in the series is going for its end and Ludwig is set to take over his reigns. But Ragnar is stubborn and hard-headed at times, so more twists are coming as the second half of the season breaks the television genre this coming fall. “Vikings” is written and created by Michael Hirst for the television channel History.

Photo Courtesy: www.history.com/shows/vikings/pictures

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