‘Vikings’ Season 4 Update: Travis Fimmel‘s Ragnar Lothbrok character not yet done raiding, exploring the Scandinavian shores

Travis Fimmel’s lead character Ragnar Lothbrok dismisses thoughts that his days are numbered in Season Four in History Channel’s drama series “Vikings.”

Though many have speculated that Travis Fimmel’s lead character Ragnar Lothbrok days are numbered in Season Four in History Channel’s drama series “Vikings,” they will all be in for a surprise as the famous Norse King makes his return this fall.

In the midseason finale entitled “The Last Ship,” Ragnar is seen battling his traitor brother Rollo by the waters of Paris but the fight among siblings did not go into Ragnar’s side as the raiding Vikings were halted by the Franks with their supreme leader severely injured. Though most of the show’s characters were skeptic about the whereabouts of their King Ragnar, a power struggle emerges in Kattegat as news of the Viking settlement were all slaughtered in England and that Ragnar had a son in Wessex.

Aside from the news, a growing tension arises from the two Queens in Ragnar’s life as Lagertha and Aslaug show who is supreme in Kattegat. As Bjorn, Ragnar’s eldest son, tells his brothers of the news and they in turn resent their father. And as he Bjorn prepares to sail into the Mediterranean, Ragnar makes his returns to Kattegat a hated man, and challenges his sons to kill him if they want to be King.

Though there are signs that Ragnar is ready to step down from his throne as Fimmel tells IGN that his character has grown tired of his adventures and misadventures that he has forgotten of who he really is.

“I feel like it always feels like he’s let down or he doesn’t have the support of the people anymore. He doesn’t know who to trust. The reasons are not what he thought he was doing it for. Everything that’s occurring is not why he started doing these adventures. It’s all for different reasons now — other people’s reasons, not Ragnar’s reasons. So he’s lost the beauty. He feels like the beauty of it’s all gone,” Fimmel said.

However, show runner Michael Hirst told Seattlepi that Ragnar will not die in the second half of the season as speculated by others, instead he will grow in wisdom and fans need to expect more from him and how his story lives on.

“If you knew what I know about what happens to Ragnar in the second half of the season, you, too, would be very happy that he didn’t die [during the fight with Rollo]. I think Travis is absolutely amazing on this journey and more powerful than ever. What happens to him is unbelievable. Prepare to shed a lot of tears, I think,” Hirst explained.

But what is more exciting is how will Bjorn rise to power and be handed by Ragnar of his throne to continue his legacy. Even Alexander Ludwig cannot explain his excitement as to how his character will come of age and claim the throne of his famous “father.”

“Being a fan of this show myself, even before I was on it, I’ve always found I was most attracted to seeing the Vikings. When I was told we were going to introduce these new brothers and they’re going to be older and it’s going to revolve around this new generation and I’ll be leading that, it was super exciting to see. I knew the scripts were only going to get more exciting for me because I love reading about the Vikings, because I think that’s a history that we’ve lost. A lot of people don’t know very much about how they lived, so that’s exciting,” Ludwig added.

Rumors are even swelling that the History Channel will air the second half of Season Four after the Season Finale of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” so as not to lose its viewers share and interest from the public. Episode 11 of the “Vikings” season four was originally scheduled to air on April 28 but was move to July.

History Channel wants to capitalize on the growing interest on its drama series “Vikings” that the show has been stretched to 20 episodes. Thus, Fimmel and Ragnar will still have more exposures in the show as it has even been given an extension for a Season Five.

Photo Courtesy: history.com

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