W – Two Worlds Episode 10, 11 recaps, Episode 12 Spoilers: Kang Chul romances with Yeon-Joo, plots to kill murderer?

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W - Two Worlds episode 10 11 recaps episode 12 spoilers
W – Two Worlds episode 12 spoilers revealed Kang Chul’s plot to kill the murderer to avenge his family’s death including his friend, Son Hyun-Suk.

W – Two Worlds episode 12 spoilers hinted at Kang Chul’s motive to kill the villain after meeting him in person. The character was responsible for fabricating the evidence that caused Kang Chul’s downfall. The evidence itself greatly affected his status as South Korea’s most influential person.

In episodes 10 and 11, Kang Chul decided to ask his wife Oh Yeon-Joo to redo the webtoon’s plot. He chose to make a radical decision to protect his world and his wife. He asked her to sketch everything that happened and to present it as his mere dream.

In that way, he as well as the people surrounding him and the public could forget the events that occurred including her taking part of the situation. It was a hard decision to make. But Kang Chul has to do it to protect everyone.

In fact, the hero of the webtoon connived with his creator Oh Sung-Moo to defeat W’s villain. Their plan was about to succeed when the cartoonist finally decided to re-arrange the sequence of events with the help of his student, Park Soo-Bong.

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However, an unexpected twist happened when the villain’s hands went out from Sung-Moo’s computer screen and tried to choke him to death. But the manhwa creator survived. That was when the killer thought of enslaving him to kill Kang Chul and own “W.”

To keep himself alive, Sung-Moo became a slave of his own manhwa character. He has to draw everything the W’s villain character demands or else he’ll die. Hence, he was forced to illustrate Kang Chul’s downfall including a fabricated murder.

From being a well-known tycoon, Kang Chul became an escapee from authorities. His life turned upside down while hiding after he was accused as primary suspect of Son Hyun-Suk’s murder while he’s in the hospital. In addition to that, fabricated evidence that the detective kept seemed real and was later publicized.

Consequently, Kang Chul agonized living a life without permanent shelter and money. He kept transferring from one place to another. But he was able to survive with the help of his bodyguard Seo Do-Yoon who kept his address and status as a secret.

Do-Yoon became the bridge to allow the long-lost lovers to meet once again. He gave Oh Yeon-Joo an address where she could possibly find Kang Chul. The two lovers finally met and spent some time together.

While they were together in a small rented house, Kang Chul revealed he read “W” which Yeon-Joo brought when she entered Chul’s world. She was surprised and wondered how he got the comic book in his hands.

As she tried to remember the events, Yeon-Joo recalled she was looking at Kang Chul’s face in W’s front cover. She cried and covered her face when another doctor came in to her room. Without knowing it, another doctor (from Chul’s world) saw the book and gave it to Chul’s bodyguard after asking Oh Yeon-Joo’s information.

Towards the end of the episode, Kang Chul told her that he felt bad for Yeon-Joo’s husband who abandoned her. At that time, he didn’t know he was the person she described. So, he did the “10 romantic things” which Yeon-Joo’s husband promised before he left.

Minutes before the episode ended, after he told Yeon-Joo about his discovery of “W” comic book, he asked if he was the same “Kang Chul” (name of her husband based from the webtoon he read) she talked about all the time.

He added another question if he was the same person who forgot his wife for good. Yeon-Joo wasn’t able to answer. Instead, she cried and told the truth after.

Hence, in W – Two Worlds episode 12, spoilers revealed that Kang Chul will initiate a romantic date with his wife like other couples do. He also said that he felt sorry for forgetting her.

The short video clip also showed Kang Chul went together with her as they passed through a portal wherein they landed to Yeon-Joo’s world. Then, they stayed in her place and brought him to Sung-Moo’s office.

While he was there, he discovered the graphic screen where Sung-Moo created “W” as a famous manhwa. Suddenly, the killer appeared in front of his eyes. Chul instantly got a gun and pointed towards the villain.

Moreover, he was also seen inside the killer’s house and tried shooting him. He thought by slaying him in his hands will avenge his family’s death. Chul also assumed that everything will be resolved as soon as possible after he successfully murdered the villain.

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Will he finally avenge his family through slaying the murderer himself? Or Yeon-Joo interferes in fear of Kang Chul becoming a real murderer?

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