W – Two Worlds Episode 10 Spoilers, Episode 9 Recap: Kang Chul identifies killer; Oh Yeon-Joo’s father in danger?

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W - Two Worlds episode 10 spoilers episode 9 recap
W – Two Worlds episode 10 spoilers hinted Yeon-Joo’s meeting with Kang Chul will develop romance. Sung-Moo’s life is in danger after killer took his face.

W – Two Worlds episode 10 spoilers hinted at Oh Yeon-Joo’s father, Oh Sung-Moo, who’s in danger after he decided to continue his manhwa. His pupil, Park Soo-Bong, passed out when he saw Sung-Moo’s face disappear while working on the webtoon’s episodes.

After returning from New Zealand, Oh Sung-Moo decided to continue the webtoon. While he was in his flight, the killer [without face] threatened him and told him about the creator’s betrayal. At the end of the harassment, the character told Sung-Moo to give him a face.

Before he resumed to his work, Sung-Moo visited his daughter, Oh Yeon-Joo, at his ex-wife’s house. While she was sleeping and recovering, he saw a ring he believed from Kang Chul and a USB containing Kang Chul’s message.

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The lead character suggested the same thing, which was to continue the manhwa and let him find him. He explained that it was the creator’s original plan. So, Kang Chul accepted his fate in the webtoon.

In the previous episode, Kang Chul woke up without recalling the past events that happened two months ago. Prior to this event, he asked his secret wife, Yeon-Joo, to draw everything as his dream in the webtoon.

Consequently, he jumped off the rooftop of his own building to end the episode. Then, he woke up being unable to remember anything except his life before he met his secret wife. At that time, Yeon-Joo’s mother saw her passed out inside Park Soo-Bong’s car while sketching webtoon’s scenes.

After Kang Chul’s recovery, the investigation of his family’s murder resumed. Everything went on like it was in in the original plot. The crime genre continued which the readers absolutely enjoyed.  Kang Chul went back to his attitude like he showed in the previous chapters of the manhwa.

Suddenly, his detective, Son Hyun-Suk, called confirming the killer’s identity. After the ten-year search, he finally met the mysterious killer, who has been calling several times. What made the scene odd was that they’re looking for the killer’s location for the long time but they missed only one camera where it showed the murderer’s face.

When the lead hero, Kang Chul, saw him, he immediately said that the killer’s face looked familiar. That was when the creator used his own face to determine the appearance of the mysterious murderer. Thus, Sung-Moo called his pupil Park Soo-Bong to help him out.

They created the plot including the face of the killer. She told Yeon-Joo about their plan to give her an idea on what to expect from the future chapters of Kang Chul’s story. What they didn’t know was Sung-Moo was already in danger. Using his own face for the mysterious killer was his fatal mistake.

The killer took life of his own and brought Sung-Moo’s face in the webtoon’s world leaving the creator without a face in the real world. It appeared that Sung-Moo became the webtoon’s villain which resulted to the webtoon’s complicated plot.

Yeon-Joo, on the other hand, unexpectedly entered Kang Chul’s world and rescued dozens of injured staff after the killer [who has Sung-Moo’s face] attacked in W broadcasting station. Since she’s a surgeon, she’s able to take care some of the wounded patients. There were eight people dead leaving the rest heavily injured.

In the same event, Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul met again but he has already forgotten who she was. But he’s been curious why the doctor acted strange. He was bothered to how she looked at him. In fact, in the episode 9, his bodyguard, Seo Do-Yoon, asked him if she’s one of his ex-girlfriends he dumped.

By looking at the way the events occurred in episode 9, W – Two Worlds episode 10 spoilers hinted that Yeon-Hoo and Kang Chul’s succeeding meetings in the hospital. Based from the spoilers, he asked Yeon-Joo about her odd behavior towards him.

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At the same time, he’ll be dealing with his killer through his television program. Perhaps, Kang Chul’s act of vengeance for his assault and family’s massacre will be taken care with his own hands. Hopefully, this won’t happen in the episode.

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