W – Two Worlds Episode 11 Spoilers: Kang Chul’s killer murders Oh Yeon-Joo? Chul finally remembers his wife?

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W - Two Worlds episode 11 spoilers
W – Two Worlds episode 11 spoilers reveal Kang Chul under police investigation due to villain’s fabricated murder. Yeon-Joo saves him & revises story.

W – Two Worlds episode 11 spoilers revealed a new life for Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-Joo — not as a happily married couple but as escapees from a fabricated crime.

In episode 10, Oh Sung-Moo became a slave of his own webtoon villain character. He draws everything that the killer wants him to illustrate. One of them was to devise Kang Chul’s murder and made a setup to appear he’s a real murderer in the public’s eyes.

The lead characters, Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-Joo, knew that everything was a mere setup. But the latter didn’t have any idea who changed the plot which his father and his student, Park Soo-Bong created beforehand.

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Based from the story they created prior to the massacre on television, both manhwa creators planned to end the killer’s life in the simplest way possible.

However, the character became dominant and turned the planned story down. Instead of being dictated by Sung-Moo as a creator, he did otherwise. He took the creator’s face and forcibly verbalized him to draw anything he requested.

As the episode went on, Kang Chul received a call from his detective and overall supervisor of W broadcasting show, Son Hyun-Suk. He asked if Chul could drop by at the hospital where the detective was confined. The next scene was unexpected.

The detective tried to clarify to Kang Chul about the voice mail he received on the day of the live television murders. It was a file that served as evidence to his murder ten years ago. The recorded call was obviously fabricated but the detective was hesitant to believe Kang Chul or not. Later on, a gunshot was heard and saw him shot with a gun in his hand.

Confused to the unexplainable events, Kang Chul ran away and drove his car with Yeon-Joo inside. She helped him and saved from his second death. She didn’t have idea where to bring him safe but a non-popular and secluded motel.

While they were in a motel to do minor surgery for Kang Chul’s wound, she told him to try saving him once more. The hero wasn’t able to understand what she said. Regardless to his confusion, she still continued explaining that she has to get out from his world and revise the story in her own hands.

In order to escape from the webtoon, she needed to do something to change Kang Chul’s heart. Hence, she kissed him and “To be continued” appeared beside the bed.

Thus, in W – Two Worlds episode 11, it is expected to see Yeon-Joo revising the webtoon but the murderer chokes her to stop the revision. When she got back to Kang Chul’s world, she went to his rented penthouse and met his bodyguard, Seo Do-Yoon.

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The bodyguard told her he’s been looking for her around the city. Minutes before the spoiler ended, Yeon-Joo kept on looking for him around. Finally, Kang Chul found her on the sidewalk with his new white car.

He didn’t look like a tycoon anymore but a simple looking man wearing all black clothes and a black cap. Will he finally remember Yeon-Joo as his wife or she’ll remain a memory from his past?

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