W – Two Worlds Episode 14 Recap, Episode 15 Spoilers: Kang Chul connives Yeon-Joo to end webtoon

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W – Two Worlds episode 14 recap connects with episode 15’s intensified drama as Kang Chul connives with his wife, Oh Yeon-Joo to end webtoon for good.

W – Two Worlds episode 14 recaps Kang Chul’s agony under Han Chul-Ho’s hands to save his wife, Oh Yeon-Joo. This week, Kang Chul’s fans will see another exciting episode wherein he succeeds his plan with the help of Oh Sung-Moo and Park Soo-Bong.

In W – Two Worlds episode 14, Kang Chul met his creator Oh Sung-Moo after he went back to his normal state from Han Sang-Hoon’s enslavement. When he returned to his own body, Sung-Moo realized that he killed his own daughter Oh Yeon-Joo with a gun shot from the back.

With unbearable resentment, he took sleeping pills and drank alcohol to sleep. Unexpectedly, Kang Chul arrived at his house and met Sung-Moo’s student Soo-Bong to explain everything that happened in the real world and in the webtoon’s world. At that time, Sung-Moo woke up and saw Kang Chul himself.

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Furthermore, the webtoon hero said that Yeon-Joo died after weeks of coma. But Kang Chul wanted her to live and to spend more time with him as his wife. He told Sung-Moo while he’s in the hospital that she’s his only family. To achieve the plan, he convinced Sung-Moo that he’s the only way to make that happen.

Kang Chul and Sung-Moo knew that the copy of the graphic tablet that he used for creating the webtoon existed. The webtoon recalled that he drew a graphic tablet before the hero murdered Sang-Hoon in a shootout. So, Kang Chul went back to his world and tried to steal the tablet from the politician Han Chul-Ho.

But, he failed as the Chul-Ho already predicted his arrival. He got Kang Chul unconscious in the warehouse and severely tortured him. Kang Chul answered the politician’s questions about the “magic” of the graphic tablet he’s holding. To manipulate Chul-Ho, he said that the only way to see the real power of the device is through giving it to the original owner.

He also convinced Chul-Ho to deliver the tablet to the owner [Sung-Moo] in the exact address of the hospital Sung-Moo was admitted [in the real life]. Before he exited from his world under Chul-Ho’s men, Kang Chul summoned Soo-Bong to get the tablet from the politician.

When he arrived in an unknown warehouse [in the real world], he summoned Chul-Ho, who’s standing in the same location [hospital room 810] in the two worlds. The politician initially realized that Kang Chul fooled him. But then, he felt surprised to see another dimension in a second.

From there, Chul-Ho saw Soo-Bong and Sung-Moo in the hospital. The two felt threatened, because they knew they created him as an evil prosecutor-turned-politician. But, Soo-Bong surprisingly attacked the politician and Sung-Moo got the graphic tablet from the villain’s hands.

He started changing the vital signs and successfully made his daughter Yeon-Joo alive again. When Sung-Moo turned the graphic tablet on, Chul-Ho also disappeared and went back to the webtoon.

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In W – Two Worlds episode 15, there will be another twist to happen in the series. Now that everything’s fine, Han Sang-Hoon suddenly returned and tried to kill Yeon-Joo again. Because of her security, Kang Chul asked his wife about how he could end the webtoon with a happy ending as he promised.

W – Two Worlds K-Drama series airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Since there are only 16 episodes for the series, the last episode will air on Wednesday next week.

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