W – Two Worlds Episode 9 Spoilers, Episode 8 Recap: Kang Chul forgets Oh Yeon-Joo; Will Sung-Moo reprise killer’s character using his daughter’s identity?

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W - Two Worlds episode 9 spoilers episode 8 recap
W – Two Worlds episode 9 spoilers reveal that Kang Chul forgets his real love Oh Yeon-Joo after killer’s threat. Sung-Moo might use her persona for villain.

W – Two Worlds episode 9 spoilers reveal that Kang Chul, the lead character of “W” webtoon, forgets his heroine Oh Yeon-Joo after the killer’s threat. Thus, episode 9 is expected to bring tears to the viewers.

In the previous episode, Kang Chul met the suspicious caller although his identity remained hidden. He only appeared through floating words and audible voice. Yet, the unidentified entity still remained a mystery.

But after he threatened Kang Chul to murder his wife, he appeared on his wife, Yeon-Joo as well as his manhwa creator and his fake father-in-law, Oh Sung-Moo.

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As soon as the investigation of the murderer resumed, Kang Chul discovered something important. His bodyguard, Seo Do-Yoon, told him they can’t track his number and his location.

Aside from that, he also thought that Yeon-Joo became an important character of the webtoon, which means she became vulnerable to the killer’s bullet anytime.

His conclusion was grounded when he saw her bleeding after she cut herself with a knife while slicing leeks. Because of the incident, he feared that the mysterious murderer could really kill Yeon-Joo anytime in front of Kang Chul’s eyes.

In addition to that, he also received a call from his former personal assistant and former heroine of the webtoon, Yoon So-Hee. At that time, she was drunk due to depression, which rooted from Kang Chul’s assumed secret marriage.

While Kang Chul talked, So-Hee suddenly noticed she’s disappearing. He soon realized that as long as the character has lesser importance in the story, he or she disappears. That’s the same event that happened to his murder investigator Detective Son Hyun-Suk.

Consequently, he drove to her place. While he’s still on the road, Yeon-Joo reappeared completely shocked to what the mysterious character just did to her. She explained Kang Chul that the mysterious killer saw her and tried to kill her in front of her father’s pupil, Park Soo-Bong.

When they arrived to So-Hee’s place, he tried his best to retain her in the webtoon through saying he’s still important to him and she’s very special to his life in front of Yeon-Joo. Right after she said those words, So-Hee became okay.

At the end of the episode, Kang Chul decided to make a radical choice to get things back to normal like it was two months ago. He asked Yeon-Joo to return to her world and draw everything that happened as his dream. Kang Chul added that she has to do it as soon as she gets back with no minute to lose.

Thus, W – Two Worlds episode 9 spoilers reveal that Kang Chul forgets his first and real love, Yeon-Joo. Because of the circumstances, she has to forget him and treat him as a mere webtoon character her father, Sung-Moo, created. Then, he jumped off the roof to end the scene [of the manhwa].

The next episode will start wherein Kang Chul laid on his hospital bed with Soo-Hee and his body guard, Seo Do-Yoon, on his side watching television. He woke up with tears in his eyes. His personal assistant asked him why.

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Unfortunately, he didn’t know the reason why he cried. The entire scene went back as it was in the previous episodes wherein the media tried to search for the murderer, so on. As W – Two Worlds episode 9 spoilers went on, Yeon-Joo met him once again but he wasn’t able to recognize her. Yet they met several times.

Will Kang Chul remember his first and real love, Yeon-Joo or completely forget her forever? Will creator Sung-Moo use her daughter’s persona to create the killer’s identity?

W – Two Worlds is a top-rated South Korean drama series which airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.

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