W – Two Worlds Episodes 12, 13, 14 Spoilers: Yoon-Joo dies; Kang Chul pleads Sung-Moo to save his wife

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W - Two Worlds episode 12, 13, 14 spoilers
W – Two Worlds episode 12, 13, 14 spoilers reveal unexpected Oh Yeon-Joo’s death that resulted Kang Chul’s downturn as well as Oh Sung-Moo & Park Soo-Bong.

W – Two Worlds episodes 12 and 13 aired this week with a series of exciting scenes fans should not miss. Kang Chul, the hero of Oh Sung-Moo’s “W” webtoon, finally knew how to control his world in the manhwa and the real world through his power of summoning characters.

Following the discovery, Kang Chul planned to take full control of the webtoon through conniving with Sung-Moo’s student, Park Soo-Bong and Sung-Moo’s daughter, Oh Yeon-Joo. He thought that by asking their help, Kang Chul could finally avenge against the killer, Han Sang-Hoon, for the death of his family and for harming his creator, Sung-Moo.

He asked Park Soo-Bong about the specific details about the webtoon. Kang Chul gathered all information from Sung-Moo’s student such as the exact address where he models the webtoon’s surroundings, especially where the killer lived.

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In that way, he can successfully control how the webtoon should end based from Soo-Bong and Sung-Moo’s original storyboard. While executing his plans, he also spent his time with his wife, Yeon-Joo, whom he has forgotten. He courted her again and relived the life as a happily married couple.

The events in the webtoon turned out as planned. In his world, Kang Chul was dead and the police arrested Sang-Hoon. Due to a political threat, prosecutor-turned-politician, Han Chul-Ho sent his men to kill the murderer. But he failed since the killer was able to escape from prison without any signs of fleeing.

When Sang-Hoon entered the real world, he went to Sung-Moo’s house and demanded him to draw again. He also asked Sung-Moo to destroy the graphic tablet completely. At that time, he also kidnapped Yeon-Joo, who happened to have been there to check her father.

When Kang Chul knew about Sang-Hoon’s escape, he immediately went to the real world and read the rest of the chapters in his phone. After reading, he said, “I want to get in.” He immediately went back in his world for a short time.

He rushed to the location based from Chul-Ho’s revelation. But when he arrived, Kang Chul realized that he was too late as the murderer has already murdered Yeon-Joo. Before he got into the big warehouse, he saw Sang-Hoon in his car smirking.

Out of wrath, Kang Chul crashed into the murderer’s car and killed Sang-Hoon with a series of gun shots while they’re both exchanging fire. Knowing that Sang-Hoon was already dead, he directly went to the spot where Yeon-Joo was dying. In the same location, there were three of Chul-Ho’s men who also died after Sang-Hoon shot them.

However, Kang Chul didn’t see Yeon-Joo’s body, but only the blood stains. He realized that her body went back to the real world again. The owner of the warehouse [in the real world] discovered her body and called an ambulance. Kang Chul also went there and asked the owner who’s been interviewed by the police.

Together with the two policemen, Kang Chul rushed to the hospital crying. Before they arrived, the policeman asked him about his relationship with the patient. “I’m her husband,” he said. After arriving the hospital lobby, he saw his dying wife full of blood.

In W – Two Worlds episode 14, Sung-Moo returned to normal with his face back and personally met Kang Chul. Towards the end of the episode, the spoilers previewed Kang Chul in tears after telling his creator that his daughter died.

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Another scene was also previewed. It was when Chul-Ho tortured Kang Chul. While he’s in agony in the politician’s hands, he said, “I have to save her.” Will Sung-Moo create a happy ending for his own webtoon in accord to his plans and give another life for his own daughter, Yeon-Joo? Will Kang Chul save his own life after agonizing Chul-Ho’s torture?

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