Walking Dead Rumors: New clues may point to character Negan killed [spoilers]

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Which Walking Dead character Negan killed

The season six cliffhanger ending of the Walking Dead has chained die-hard fans of the series to the net, making them embark on a hunt for clues that will point them to the character Negan killed. And it’s fairly obvious no one can even wait until season seven, as roughly two months before the premier, fans are still trying to figure out the person meeting the barbed wired end of Lucille.

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And the Walking Dead is milking it for all it’s worth, releasing another teaser trailer that’s sure to have viewers reviewing their physics and geometry books to get the right angle of where the trailer was parked, where Lucille was pointing and if Glenn was sitting at the right angle of the hypotenuse etc, etc. But nonetheless, fans have spoken and after recalibrating their TV screens and monitors (and looking closely at Dwight’s clothes) they think that [spoiler alert] one of the series’ most beloved characters was the victim of Negan’s wrath.

See the clip for yourself and do feel free to come up with your own theory.

So as many of you can see, Dwight is riding Daryl’s bike and is wearing his vest, which many believe are clues that Mr. Dixon was indeed the unfortunate character to taste Lucille’s barbed teeth. Although others have theorized that Dwight simply snatched these items, acting as a Savior whose mission, when invading survivor communities, is to snatch whatever they want.

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A recent picture posted by Norman Reedus, though, may suggest [potentially more spoilers] that someone else among the eleven possible victims was beaten to a pulp by Negan.

The photo below (which has since been deleted by Reedus) shows Rick and Reedus with blood splatter-Rick on the right side of the face and Reedus on the right side of his neck. Theories have been that Negan killed Maggie (who should be on Rick’s right side) or Glenn who is on Daryl’s right side. Unless of course Reedus used an Iphone for the photo which makes the image a mirror.

Confusing as it may be, Walking Dead fans will just have to wait for the premier of season seven on October 23 to find out which character Negan killed.

Photo Courtesy: Heather Paul/ Flickr

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