The Walking Dead Season 7: The reasons THESE characters had to die [SPOILERS]

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The Walking Dead Spoilers
The Walking Dead Spoilers

One of the things a TV show can continue to keep its popularity among the viewers is to deliver a shocking premiere that fans have to keep talking about it even after its airing. And tonight, as The Walking Dead debuts its season 7, there are no words to describe how shocking the events were, given how the story was delivered.

The post apocalyptic zombie drama show’s story picks up from the previous season where the Saviour’s menacing leader, Negan, was about to smash in a character’s head with his favorite barb wired-wrapped baseball bat nicknamed Lucille.

The show left viewers hanging for almost seven months and kept it up for 20 minutes more into the new season. As Glenn gets the wrong end of Lucille, the show threw a curveball by introducing Abraham as the first character to have met his demise.

After months of speculations and theories, it seems luck has run out for Glenn and Abraham and the showrunners managed to shock the fans for killing two characters right off the bat. While Glenn is favored to die due to the spoilers from the comics where the show is based, Abraham’s death became a prelude to what really is the real shocker of the show.

Abraham managed to spit out final words of defiance before he got his skull skewered by Lucille while Daryl, who has been heavily teased to die this season, was poised to be another victim as he lunged at Negan due to anger.  He instead, without warning, cracked open Glenn’s skull.

While the two characters’ deaths shocked most TWD fans, various outlets have already hinted their demise before season 7 aired its premiere. Abraham, in the previous season, has been given a touching farewell episode and the show seemed to have wrapped up his story by giving him a nice side story complete with a love triangle. The show is known to introduce a character’s death by giving a character-centric episode right before that particular character’s demise in the next episode.

Glenn, meanwhile, is already a known victim of Negan’s by legions of The Walking Dead comic book fans so while his death is not much of a shocker, the way the show delivered his death has shocked the fans too.

With two main characters of the show already have met their timely demise, Rick’s group of survivors will try to live their lives and perhaps a revenge is on the horizon and it looks like The Walking Dead season 7 is off to a great, although sad, start.

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