Walking Dead Season 7 Rumors: New major character will be introduced [SPOILERS}

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New major character will be introduced in Walking Dead 7
New major character will be introduced in Walking Dead 7

The Walking Dead fans are well-aware that one of the major characters in the series will meet his untimely demise at the beginning of season seven. But as with TWD fashion, in which characters come and go, as well as the loss of one major character, rumor is that a new major character will be introduced in the Walking Dead’s next season.

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According to reports, the series’ producers are already in the process of casting for a character named Brion, who is described as an “educated, poker-faced leader” by the Walking Dead team. Sources also say that the producers’ casting announcement called for a male or female character, making it more difficult for fans to pinpoint if the character is based on the comic book.

[SPOILERS AHEAD, especially for those who are also following the comic book]

Though some have speculated that, based on the description provided by AMC, Brion may be an adaptation of the comic book series’ Alpha-a female leader of the Whisperer group, who are presently at war with the people from Alexandria.

Another interesting character who may be joining the Walking Dead cast is Pete from Oceanside, which seems likely with the series reported to also be filming at the beach. Though, Oceanside has not been developed deeply in the comic, yet, the series has still tried to maintain a semblance of loyalty to the Walking Dead graphic novels.

Apart from Brion and Pete, another character who was confirmed to be joining season seven of the Walking Dead is Ezekiel who came out in the season seven trailer of the series. A copy of the trailer can be seen below.

Ezekiel, who will be played by Khary Payton, is the leader “the Kingdom”-a community in the comic book located in an abandoned high school compound. He is known to have been a zookeeper, which would explain the almost believable tiger in the trailer. Ezekiel’s arrival will also spell trouble among Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Saviors.

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As with how the series has always been played out, the loss of one character may usually mean that a new major character will be introduced in the Walking Dead. It’s simply been a matter of who, when, where and how to make fans go “WHAT!?”.

The Walking Dead season seven will be returning to our lives on October 23.

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