The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4’s Negative Reviews: What to expect on the next episode

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Negan on one of the episodes of The Walking Dead
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On Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Service’, Negan bullies his way into Alexandria earlier than expected, takes more than he originally promised, terrorizes two of the women, and leaves the community with nothing but a mix of fear, anger, and despair.

Episode 4 is said to be the weakest episode of the season so far. According to Bryan Lowry CNN, the scenes are becoming more and more predictable:

“The drill goes something like this: Open with a bang (and then some). Move away from that to pursue lower-key, stand-alone episodes involving different characters. Return to the central plot, before finishing — last season, anyway — with some sort of giant cliffhanger, however irritating and manipulative that might be.”

An avid viewer of the show also has blogged his dismay on the latest episode. He said that the showrunners are, unsurprisingly, continuing the huge narrative mistake of breaking each episode into one group’s story. He went on and added that Negan’s character is far from the intimidating and scary antagonist, “Negan is like an annoying bully who spends most of his time taunting rather than doling out villainy.”.

“A lot of viewers already got frustrated with Glenn and Abraham’s death. The show has long focused more on the cruelty that humans can inflict upon each other in a lawless society than any horrors the zombie hordes commit.” Independent .

Robert Kirkman, screenwriter of the show said there is more to expect on the season primarily on Negan’s character. In an interview with AMC, he said “Season 7 is insane.” He also added a lot of twists to the plot is more to come.

Basing on the comics, Digital Spy gave an insight on what to expect on the next episode. According to the analysis, it will revolve solely around the Hilltop community. Maggie will be living at Hilltopand struggles for pregnancy complications which also shown on the teaser. The episode also sees Jesus wanting to take on Negan with Ezekiel’s help.

The return to Hilltop means that Jesus and Gregory will pop up again. Actors Tom Payne and Xander Berkeley were made series regulars at the start of this season, and surely there will be more scenes of Maggie and Gregory clashing.

Since Carol daughter dead, Enid might take her role as she appears to be taking Sophia’s role since last season. This may lead to a possibility that Enid made the trip from Akexandria to Hilltop.

Episode 5 will air next Sunday on AMC. Meanwhile here’s a sneak peek of the episode.


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