WATCH: UFC Co-Owner Lorenzo Fertitta Says Athletes Making Millions of Dollars

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The year 2015 will go down in UFC history as being the most profitable year with the greatest fights ever to take place in UFC breaking all time records.

And now UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta confirms it in an exclusive interview to CNN and also reveals that UFC’s top fighters are making multi millions of dollars.

Fertitta revealed in the interview that 2015 will have  generated more money than any year since they bought the company in 2001.

“Because we are a private company we don’t get into profitability but we’ll generate about $600 million in revenue in the year 2015, which is a record for the company,” Fertitta reveals in the interview.

“It’s fairly significant growth coming off of 2014.”

UFC’s revenue of 2015 comes from a number of record setting pay-per-views, which according to Fertitta is still the promotion’s largest source of revenue. The year kicked off with UFC 182 in January when Jon Jones defeated Daniel Cormier in one of the most highly anticipated light heavyweight title fights in recent history.

Add to that Ronda Rousey’s two fights against Bethe Correia and the most recent match against Holly Holm in which Ronda lost sending shockwaves to people. The most recent UFC 194 match between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo in which McGregor defeated Aldo in a record 13 seconds to become the world featherweight champion is expected to become the highest grossing show of all time once the final numbers are tallied.

Although Fertitta didn’t close the amount or percentage of money that the fighters will receive from $600 million fortune, he did say that fighters are being paid very well — especially those that draw the largest crowds in attendance and on pay-per-view.

“The fact of the matter is our top athletes are making multi-millions of dollars and what is happening as the sport grows and the compensation goes up along as revenue goes up, you’re starting to see that the guys and girls at the top are commanding a larger share of that pie,” Fertitta said.

Talking about UFC’s model for payouts, Fertitta said: “I think you see that in just about every sport, in every business,” Fertitta said. “It’s the athletes that make a difference that people want to pay for, they’re commanding the big dollars.”



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