Wentworth Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers: Joan Ferguson replaces Bea Smith; EP confirms Danielle Cormack’s leaving

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Wentworth Season 5 release date spoilers
Wentworth Season 5 release is already slated in 2017 along with names who could possibly replace Bea Smith in series namely, Joan Ferguson & Kaz Proctor.

Wentworth Season 5 release date is already slated in 2017. With its arrival, many fans still expect Bea’s return in the new episodes. Executive producer Jo Porter explained that ending Bea’s life is difficult.

When asked about Bea’s fate in the season, many Wentworth Season 5 fans suggested that she will be in a state of coma or at least recovering in the hospital. Apparently, the EP affirmed that these won’t happen in the future episodes.

With that being said, many avid viewers didn’t like the idea that Bea won’t return in the series for good. They thought that if other television shows allow their important and well-loved characters to come back after their fake deaths, fans questioned why Wentworth won’t do the same thing.

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Executive Producer Jo Porter confirmed that the character won’t return anymore. Although killing Bea in season 4 was tough, since she’s one of the most important characters in the series, they need to follow the plot, according to Aussie Network News.

“It is always an incredibly difficult decision to say farewell to a much-loved and revered character like Bea Smith. Which is why this storyline has had such a huge impact on us all and we are sure fans will feel the same. This decision was particularly hard as it meant also saying goodbye to Danielle Cormack,” Porter said.

Following the executive producer’s recent confirmation are the names who could replace Bea Smith from the series. So far, there are two names slated, namely: Joan “The Freak” Ferguson and Karen “Kaz” Proctor.

With Kaz, fans stated that having the said character to replace Bea is a terrible idea, The Big Bag noted. They explained she doesn’t fit as a replacement for a well-loved character. This is because they saw her attempt to kill Bea in the previous season.

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Furthermore, about Joan Ferguson as Bea’s replacement, Yibada stated that she has the perfect qualities fit for the role. In fact, the source described her as the “next top dog” that clearly defined the higher chances to lead the new series than Kaz.

In the meantime, fans should wait for more details about Wentworth Season 5 release and spoilers.

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