Wentworth Season 5 Spoilers: Bea confirms her return, reveals sequel of “Ballie” lesbian relationship with Allie

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Wentworth Season 5 spoilers Bea Smith returns and continues Ballie lesbian relationship with Allie.
Latest Wentworth Season 5 spoilers revealed Bea’s return & continues Ballie lesbian relationship with Allie, although EP earlier confirmed her leaving.

Latest Wentworth Season 5 spoilers revealed rumors about Bea Smith’s return in the series, although the show’s executive producer Jo Porter has already confirmed about the character’s leaving. According to recent rumors, the character will continue her lesbian romance with Allie.

Based on the recent Wentworth Season 5 spoilers that spread on the web, several theories about Bea’s comeback remained the most talked online. This remained the most sought issue, although the executive producer Jo Porter has earlier affirmed  that Danielle Cormack’s character won’t return in the next season.

In our earlier report, we also wrote that Porter as well as the entire production team struggled with the painful fact [Bea’s leaving], however, they needed to follow the plot and the flow of the story as planned. With that being said, they couldn’t redo the story for the sake of saving Bea’s character.

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In terms of leading the Wentworth prison, it’s either Joan “The Freak” Ferguson or Karen “Kaz Proctor, will replace Bea’s position after her untimely demise. However, the recent rumors cited that Bea could return to continue her fiery lesbian romance called “Ballie” with her fellow inmate Allie (Kate Jenkinson).

During an interview with Curve Mag, Danielle Cormack clarified Bea’s situation and her sexuality inside the Wentworth prison. She said that her relationship with Allie is beautiful with a mix of maternal quality. In her opinion, the Ballie romance (Allie and Bea’s relationship) was more of a [sisterhood] with romantic chemistry.

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“[Ballie relationship] was more about [Bea] allowing someone into her heart that she hadn’t done for a very long time and we had not been privy to on the show… I think with that Bea and Allie relationship there is a beautiful, maternal quality to it, like a [sisterhood] and being best friends, which exists in a lesbian relationship,” Cormack said.

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