Westworld Release Date, Spoilers: HBO highlights women abuse, sexual violence in new series; Show like Grand Theft Auto video game

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Westworld release date on HBO this coming October
Westworld release is slated in October. Latest spoilers revealed HBO intentionally highlited women abuse, sexual violence like Grand Theft Auto in series.

Based on the latest rumors about Westworld release, HBO intentionally highlighted women abuse and sexual violence in the new series. However, the network responded to these claims. They explained that women issues are not the only focus of the show.

Westworld adapted Michael Crichton’s movie “Westworld” that premiered in 1973 and described as “not a typical amusement park,” as the show itself intended to showcase illicit fantasies among rich vacationers through their artificial consciousness. Furthermore, the guests indulged uncontrollably in these fantasies.

According to a series of reports, the show’s odd storyline and explicit content made Deadline described J. J. Abrams’ Westworld as incomparable to Game of Thrones. Rather, the new HBO series is more like Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game in terms of its degree of violence and sexual matters.

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With Abrams as the show’s drama executive producer, anybody can expect a high quality show like the Emmy-awardee Game of Thrones. However, when it comes to its plot, the same source defined it otherwise. Moreover, HBO has also casted A-list actors and actresses like Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden and Tessa Thompson.

Despite that Westworld is packed with multi-awarded team of production crew and actors, the plot remains quite disturbing. Those who are familiar with the structure of GTA video game franchise can immediately notice its similarities. The only difference is Westworld is a television show and GTA is a video game.

Consequently, Forbes predicted that HBO’s new series can succeed like LOST, which received great ratings from IMDB, IGN, and Entertainment Weekly. In terms of the number of viewers during its slated release in October, the same source noted that it will likely earn millions of viewers like True Detective and Game of Thrones’.

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In general, Westworld’s weird plot and provocative contents stirred much of the viewers’ interest, especially that the show intentionally included women abuse and sexual violence in its story. In addition to that, the A-list team made it more appealing as well.

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