Westworld season 2 to feature Roman or Medieval worlds

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Westworld release date on HBO this coming October
Westworld release is slated in October. Latest spoilers revealed HBO intentionally highlited women abuse, sexual violence like Grand Theft Auto in series.

With viewers and critics alike applauding the latest sci-fi series from HBO, fans are wondering what the husband and wife showrunning team of Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan have in store for the next season.

The cable TV network has yet to make an official announcement about Westworld‘s renewal but showrunner Jonathan Nolan says they have already started work for season two. Along with his wife Lisa Joy Nolan, the couple already have materials for season two along with debunking a couple of fan theories.

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Speculations are rife that the setting will change come next season considering that the original 1973 film by Michael Crichton, Westworld was just one of the three theme parks that guests can visit, with the other two being Medieval World and Roman World.

The show can explore these other “worlds” to give a more general understanding of the show and its characters. While season 1 is mostly focused on the West setting, some fans are speculating that the show would explore those worlds in the future.

However, it won’t happen anytime soon or to the next season according to the showrunners. During the show’s panel at New York Comic Con, Nolan admitted that they dropped so much material from the first season and they hope they eventually get back to it on the second season of the series.

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Nolan also gave a definitive answer when asked about next season’s setting when an audience member from the said comic con asked him about Roman or Medieval worlds possibly making an appearance in the show.

“You said Roman and Medieval World, right?” Nolan said to an audience member. “No.”

Of course it does not mean that fans would not be seeing the two theme parks in the future seasons of the sci-fi western thriller series. HBO will definitely toy with the idea of having spinoffs depending on the response of the current Westworld series.

Westworld season 1 episode 3 will air on Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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